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Infkbird ISC-007BW Fan Controller

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    Infkbird ISC-007BW Fan Controller

    Santa gifted me an Inkbird ISC-007BW for Christmas. I set out immediately to get it in use. the plan- A 6lb turkey breast at 325 degrees F.

    Opening the box, it came in a very nice clamshell case. The rubber hose in a mesh compartment on the top, the probes on the divider, and the fan, adapters, and power supply on the bottom.
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    Set up was a breeze. Download the app, a few steps to connect to the wifi, and done. Out to the SNS Kettle.
    The controller comes with adapters for kamados, so I slipped the larger one into the smoke hole on the SNS...except it didn't fit. The metal adaptor's tube was just slightly larger in diameter than the smoke hole (1/16th of an inch?). I was prepared for this, and got out the stepper drill. A few seconds later, success! I dropped in the adapter, attached the hose, and connected it to the controller.

    I lit my charcoal, and when I got good ignition, I dumped the lit coal onto a bed of coals on the SNS insert, started up the controller set at 329 (it was either 324 or 329, nothing in between), closed the lid, set the upper vent at about 1/4 open, and waited.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Inuse.jpg Views:	0 Size:	4.91 MB ID:	1150029
    In about 45 minutes, the fire hit 329 degrees. I waited 15 minute to see if the temp was stable. Yes, yes it was.
    I put the turkey breast on, shut off the fan manually (there is no lid open detection). When the temp sort of stabilized at around 280 degrees a few minutes later, I turned the fan back on. In 15 minutes, the temp was back up to the set point at 329.

    2 hours later, the turkey was ready.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Result.jpg Views:	0 Size:	4.04 MB ID:	1150030
    Some impressions:
    Okay, wow. This thing worked perfectly. The highest temperature achieved was 333 degrees. The lowest was 323. I didn't need to touch anything. In fact, I sat in my jacuzzi with a beer or two over the final hour. I have a hook on the wall for towels, I took a piece of baling wire and hung my phone where I could see it from the spa.
    I marveled at how steady it stayed the whole time. I watched the temps slowly decline and then rebound, again never higher than 333 and never lower then 323. It pretty much hovered between 328 and 333. I watched as the app tracked the fan's output, never higher than 80 (percent of output, I assume) so there was some headroom there in terms of ramping up.

    I did lose connectivity once, but I think it was me doing something, not the app, as it cut out while I was doing something else on the phone.

    In conclusion, pros:
    Small sample size, but this thing held rock steady. A total of 10 degrees temp swing (+4 to -6). As an experiment, I had some mashed potatoes to hold in the oven. I put my Thermoworks Smoke probe in the oven. Set at 170 to keep the mashies warm, I watched the temp fluctuate between 184 and the mid 160's. This is a Dacor dual fuel convection oven, not some builder grade Kenmore. So this thing has better temp control (at least over the short term) then my high end oven.

    Cheaper than a Smoke X2(4) + Billows.
    Way cheaper than a FireBoard set up.
    Cheaper than the DynaQ (PartyQ replacement).

    Did I say this thing held temps rock steady?

    In conclusion, cons:
    Clunky design (if you care about this)
    Adapters don't fit the SNS smoke hole (without modification)
    The app wants to use your location by GPS. Privacy issues. You CAN set it to use GPS only when using the app (you can bet I did)
    Must be plugged in to 120v AC. It converts to 12v dc via the wall wart, so there is potential to use it with a battery pack. I have already sent an email to IInkbird asking if a USB power cable adapter is available. Update to follow when an answer is received.

    Final thought:
    If they have a battery pack solution, this thing is a 10. As I need a pretty good run of extension cord to run it now, I'd call it an 8.5. All of this based on one cook. I will update as/if necessary.

    One Edit:
    It was purchased on ebay for $129.99, vs the list price of $199.99
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    Great write-up.


      I wonder if this is the same unit or if they made further upgrades:

      https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DK87Q33...ustomerReviews (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DK87Q33?fbclid=IwAR0G3jhKV7vqdzpSphnN9K8RTJD4UmQl6OW74VMjHpHWdkGAUxa-GVnm3B4#customerReviews) Seems like a pretty good deal, especially with the $60 off coupon on Amazon. Does anyone know anything about this one? I've heard decent things about


        I contacted Inkbird about a battery pack, they replied that they do not sell a battery pack.
        I checked out the wall wart, and sure enough, it's out put is 12v DC. Hmmmm...
        I've got a couple of phone battery banks laying around, but they are all 5v DC output. Running a search found me this.
        A 12 volt, 6000mah battery pack, and it just happens to have the same connector jack, so no adapters!
        Click image for larger version  Name:	TC.jpeg Views:	10 Size:	16.2 KB ID:	1158363

        I picked up an 8.5lb pork butt, and on Saturday morning set up my smoke.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	pb.jpg Views:	9 Size:	515.6 KB ID:	1158364 Click image for larger version  Name:	ink.jpg Views:	9 Size:	424.3 KB ID:	1158365

        The battery connects directly to the fan/thermometer directly, eliminating the need to run an extension cord.
        Butt went on at 9:00 am. My usual technique is to leave it on until it hits 160 or so, then put it in a disposable pan on a roasting rack, with enough apple juice to cover the bottom of the pan, but not touching the pork. I did this at about 2:30, and the pork was done at 6:30. Into a cooler for a couple hours, and then shredded.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	finish.jpg Views:	10 Size:	390.6 KB ID:	1158366

        Now, about the controller:
        It was going to be a better challenge than last time's turkey, as the Santa Ana winds had kicked up overnight. A mild event, at 10-20 mph gusts, but the wind was going to be an issue.
        After I got the fire going, I set up the controller for 274 F. I was shooting for 275, but the controller has "steps" and not one degree increments. So it was 274 or 279 or 269.

        The fan ran at 100% until it reached 274, the controller shut off. The fire continued on to about 280, than gradually came back down, and when it hit 274, the fan kicked on 100%. The temp would continue to drop until about 267-268, then the fire would catch back up, fan shutting off at 274, fire continuing to about 280, then dropping again. This cycle took about 8 1/2 minutes, from 280ish to 266ish and back again. Again, this is better temp control than my Dacor oven in convection mode. This went on for 9 1/2 hours. I opened the kettle once at about 12:00 so shake the ash off of the coals and rearrange them to ensure the as yet unburned portion of the coal would be in contact with the burning portion.

        The fan controller behavior was different than the turkey cook- the turkey was set at 324, and the controller actually ramped up and down to acquire the proper. So as the pit temp approached the set temp, the fan would slow down and eventually shut of. For the pork but at 274, the fan was either at 100% or 0%. Not sure why, potentially it was the wind taking heat more quickly than on an non windy day. Probably there is some kind of "logic" in the app that tracks temp swings and figures out the best method of control.

        About the battery:
        It has 6000mAh, the controller's max draw is 2 Ah, so this thing could potentially have a max run time of 30 hours. I don't think it's pulling 2 amps all the time (probably only when the fan is running at 100%), and the wave cycle I was getting from low to high back to low again was 8.5 minutes, so it would be about a 50% duty cycle at full power. That would be a theoretical max runtime approaching 60 hours. I would obviously never need that, but it's good to know that in real world conditions, it would easily run for 20 hours. The battery has 5 state of charge lights, and at the end of the 10 hour runtime, 4 lights were still lit, so roughly 75% of capacity left.

        Color me impressed. Base cost on ebay was $130.00, the battery was $27.00. The only question would be it's durability.

        As I said before, if it had a battery pack, this would be a 10/10, so there it is, I rate it a ten (for now).
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        An attempt to turn a kettle into a "Traeger Pellet Grill" wannabe. Got to love it, and the good results too.


          Awesome write up,a diamond in the ruff to the fugal.


            I like the InkBird device, but I have not had a good experience with the pit probe. It registers 212F in boiling water when tested, but has been as much as 50 degrees off when resting at grill level on the rack. As you can appreciate, when trying to smoke at 250F, a 50 degree difference is a lot. The lousy thermometer that comes with the BGE alerted me to the problem and I switched to a compatible-sized prob from another thermometer that I happened to have. The rest of the cook went well, given the huge temperature spike. I endorse the device, but feel like I have to replace all the probes.


              That was a great review. Like the idea the fan has a long duct. My biggest issues with these fans are they are part plastic and tend to melt when installed on my reverse smoker, ductwork fixes that!


                Originally posted by McFlyfi View Post
                It was purchased on ebay for $129.99, vs the list price of $199.99
                Thanks for the great write up. I bought one on eBay a few days ago for about the same price, so I look forward to trying this over the weekend if it gets here in time. I'm using a Char-broil Kamander (discontinued, but a great grill), so I will have to see what I will have to mod to get it working.

                I was wondering about the battery pack. My calculations put a 6000 mah battery pack at 3 hours @ 100% draw (2 amps), or 6 hours @ 50% using your example, maybe I'm off. Calculations aside, I'm curious to know what it looks like in the real world, ie., how long it lasts. I have an outlet available, but battery is an interesting option.


                  I've done two consecutive pork butts without re charging the battery (16 plus hours) and the battery never dropped more to less than 3 indicator lights (out of 5). Real world powering of this is excellent.


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                    Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I'll have to add that to my wish list.


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