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New Air Fryer-Tips?

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    New Air Fryer-Tips?

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ID:	962963 We were gifted this air fryer yesterday. Been curious but no experience, recipes, or other info. I’ve read the couple threads here on the Pit and it seems cooking frozen "fried" items like tater tots, onion rings, etc. are the most obvious things to do. And reheating leftovers.

    So what else should we try? What pro tips can you share? And how the heck can I make bbq in this thing? Thanks as always fellow Pitmasters.

    No BBQ in mine yet. Yes, frozen fried food turns out great. I’ve also done chicken wings twice, breaded chicken parm cutlets, modified shake and bake pork chops, and home made egg rolls. Fresh potatoes O’Brien are also something I’ve made twice before.

    If you want any info on anything above I can give you that.


      I have a similar style air fryer. I pretty much just use it for potatoes. Dice them into 1” cubes or slice into fries. You can load the basket pretty full, just shake them every 5-10 minutes. They come out perfectly crispy every time.


        We just did spring rolls on ours, have done breaded pickles, fries, onion rings, chick wings, very versatile.


          The air fryer is my wife’s domain. She has done pretty much everything you can fry in it. She just messed around with it until she got it right.
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            Bacon cooks in 7 minutes (we turn it over at 4 minutes) in ours at 370 and it is completely flat.


              Give me a month or so....my son, 16yo baseball player, asked for one for Christmas. He has used it 4 times in less than 48 hours and loves the thing. I’ll give him some time to research (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) and he’ll have who knows what ideas to fry up!


                We have the Frigidaire Air Fry Oven. We did Coconut Shrimp and it came out awesome. We also did wings, which were great, but I would recommend going lower in temperature. 400 produced a lot of smoke from the melting fat.

                I also got these two Kindle Books. Lots of recipes. You will see a similar pattern on technique in the recipes. Once you get time and temp down, you can start experimenting.

                Air Fry Every Day: 75 Recipes to Fry, Roast, and Bake Using Your Air Fryer: A Cookbook https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078VWHHK6...ing=UTF8&psc=1

                Air Fryer Cookbook: 600 Effortless Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082PBYGDZ...ing=UTF8&psc=1


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                  Alright! Coconut shrimp is on the list for my son to whip up!

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                  I’ll do wings at 370 for about 15 minutes then once a lot of fat is rendered out I’ll cook at 400 for the last 3 to 4 minutes to crisp up the skin.

                Here are the potatoes I did this morning for brunch.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	E107F4AC-4E66-4AF9-BBC6-1CA1E238F871.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.80 MB ID:	963833

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                15 minutes at 400. Shaking about every 3 to 4 minutes. I added about a tablespoon of vegetable oil, green pepper, onion powder (I didn’t have an onion), salt and pepper.

                Served them with scrambled eggs and prime rib cubes (bacon for her).
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                  Nice. Just what I was looking for. Thx.


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