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Joule Water Breach

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    Joule Water Breach

    Having just hit my one year anniversary with my joule, I went to use it this afternoon and when plugging it in it keep tripping the GFI. Upon further inspection water somehow got into the upper chamber where the electronics are housed. Anyone ever experience this? I know for certain it’s never been fully submerged. I’ll have to check the warranty to see if this could possibly be covered.

    As today is my wedding anniversary and I have a beautifully frozen steak that was going in the bath, I’m now off to bestbuy to get an Anova, fortunately the last one in stock. Can’t let down my beautiful bride and NOT have a bone in rib-eye with mushroom risotto!

    You can always do the cooler method.

    Cooking foods at precise low-temperatures in vacuum-sealed pouches has revolutionized fine-dining kitchens around the world. To help those who'd like to experiment with sous-vide cookery without having to put in the capital, a couple weeks ago I devised a novel solution to the problem: cook your food in a beer cooler.


      Wow, what an unpleasant turn of events. I've not heard of a Joule dying, but you showed it could happen. Makes me want to baby my Joules even more. I always clean and wipe them down after each use.

      Let us know what you find out about the warranty.

      And let us know how you like that Anova.

      And let us know how the anniversary dinner turned out.

      That's all.



        Congrats on the Anniversary, you are doing the right thing keeping the Mrs happy.
        Sorry to hear about the joule.


          fzxdoc id say the anova is interchangeable with the joule. Nice that I can set the temp without a phone and wifi though (going to be especially handy while camping!) I am more drawn to the sleek design of the joule but I’m more concerned for its ability to reach and maintain temperatures. A feat which was easily handled!

          The meal was quite a bit later than hoped for (9:30 pm) but was delish nonetheless!

          Click image for larger version

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            Ribeye and risotto--wow what a dinner. Both look perfectly prepared, a nice tribute to celebrating your anniversary.

            Because, as I recall, the Joule is more powerful (1100 watts) than all the Anovas but the newest Anova 4 (1200 watts), it should have the ability to reach temp nearly as quickly for the newest Anova and faster for the older models (1000 watts). I have often checked the temp of the water bath while the Joule is in full swing and have, every single time, found it right on the money. I get antsy for the 24 hour to 72 hour baths, so I check the temp often. After all, what else is there to do in the midst of an insomniacal night?

            Anyway, it's nice to hear that all went well for your anniversary dinner.



            • Bkhuna
              Bkhuna commented
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              Insert a Thermoworks Smoke X probe in four places in the bath and then set the alarms for the desired temperature ± 1 °. Then you'll have something to really keep you up!


            As an update...I emailed ChefSteps on 2/9 describing the issue. They replied within an hour simply asking for the original sales receipt and they would gladly send a replacement. Unfortunately, I did not see this email. Well today I got an email from them again following up to see if I had completed my replacement or if they could assist me in doing so. I replied and got everything worked out. The new Joule will be shipping first thing tomorrow.

            Talk about service. I had it about 13 months and their standing behind their product and replacing it. Very happy with ChefSteps today.


            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              Great news. And like cookers, it never hurts to have an extra SV circulator on hand.

            • JakeT
              JakeT commented
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              Huskee definitely. Now I can expand my cooking capacity without slowing down heatup time with a larger vessel and more water!

            • fzxdoc
              fzxdoc commented
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              That's terrific. Glad to hear that the Joule folks responded so quickly and helpfully. I really like having two circulators (I have 2 Joules). I often sous vide veggies and meat for a meal. Since they require vastly different temps, having two pots and two circulators going at the same time works out well.


            I just saw this thread. I have returned 3 joules for this very reason, tripping GFI..
            Their tech department said that they could not find a cause. I thought about going back to Anova and Anova has some durability issues. The New Joules seem to seize up every now and then.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	SV.jpg
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            • JakeT
              JakeT commented
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              Nice to know I'm not the only one. Thankfully their customer service was great and replaced it no problem. Have they given you any grief on your multiple replacements?

            • Ernest
              Ernest commented
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              JakeT no grief at all. Almost seems like they know about the issue.

            I'm not saying this is what happened, so my observations may not apply to your situation. All these units (Joule, Anova) have vents at or just below the head of the unit (not the vents in the casing for water circulation). I have noticed that when using a lid to cover the water tank to reduce evaporation, condensation forms around the vents at the top if the lid for the tank has air gaps. This doesn't surprise me as water vapor will try to escape the tank and the opening for the heating unit may, if not sealed, allow that vapor to travel up the unit past the head with all those electronics.

            I noticed this when I used a pot that I just covered with foil and saw the water vapor condensing around my Anova's vents. Just a word of caution.

            NOTE: Not having a Joule, I cannot confirm how it vents heat or protects the upper electronics area for getting condensation.
            Last edited by GolfGeezer; June 27, 2021, 06:36 AM. Reason: I do not have a Joule, so I do not know if it uses venting the same as Anova.


            • JakeT
              JakeT commented
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              I could see that happening. Especially since I use my almost exclusively with a fitted lid/cover.

            GolfGeezer Unlike Anova, Joule has no "visible vent". It's a one piece construction.



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