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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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XL Sous Vide Bags?

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  • CaptainMike
    Club Member
    • Nov 2015
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    • The Great State of Jefferson
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      20+ y/o many times rebuilt Weber Genesis w/GrillGrates (Gas Passer)
      20 x 30 Santa Maria grill (Maria, duh)
      Bradley cabinet smoker (Pepper Gomez)
      36" Blackstone griddle (The Black Beauty)
      Thermoworks Smoke and Thermapen.

    XL Sous Vide Bags?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for brisket-sized XL sous vide bags? Reusable would be a great option. There seems to be some out there, but I'd rather have some input from my fellow Pit-Peeps. Thanks.
  • Spinaker
    • Nov 2014
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    • Land of Tonka
    • John "J R"
      Instagram: JRBowlsby
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    I usually separate the point from the flat and use 1 or 2-gallon bags when I sous vide.


    • CaptainMike
      CaptainMike commented
      Editing a comment
      I can squeeze a packer into 11" Foodsaver bags, but it's messy and inconvenient. This could certainly be an option.

    • Spinaker
      Spinaker commented
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      Yeah, I prefer to use Ziplocks to vac seal bags. CaptainMike
  • MichaelF
    Club Member
    • Sep 2018
    • 50
    • Brentwood, TN
    • Weber Summit 670 Gasser. LG900 Pellet Grill with cold smoker. Tappecue Touch WiFi & Maverick 732 thermometers.

    I normally use an 11" roll and cut whatever length I need. It's doable but can be a tight fit. Not reusable though.


    • coupster
      Club Member
      • Jul 2016
      • 68
      • BlueRidge Mtns

      Foodsaver.com offers a 15" x20' roll in a 2 pack for under $40. As far as reusable, I don't see why you couldn't cut them long and just cut off the first seal to make a 2nd and so on. That's what I do for refrigerator storage of that particular package. The thought of properly washing them between cooks would turn me off for actually reusing them.


      • CaptainMike
        CaptainMike commented
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        I only have an 11" sealer. Unless you have a cool hack on how to seal those 15 inchers with the 11?

      • Troutman
        Troutman commented
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        Same thing you do with an 12" Umai bag. You fold one corner at the top and seal it leaving about 11" open. Then fold over the tab and seal the 11" opening right through the tab. Hard to describe, but it does work pretty well.
    • Ricardo
      Club Member
      • Jan 2017
      • 184
      • Palm City, FL

      Foodsaver’s wider bags will work. I like to double bag when it’s a larger cut of beef or pork. I’ve had some bag failures, or rather vacuum failures with my foodsaver, eventually letting water in and damaging the sous vide item.
      The easiest way to procure the wider bags is online, or at a hunting-sport outlet. In FL, I find these larger bags at my local bass pro shop. Not sure what stores are available near you, but for sure, there must be some hunting and outdoor goods purveyors that you can go get these larger than standard size bags.
      Hope this helps.
      PS: Double bag works best for me, not saying it’s a requirement, but the type of foodsaver unit I have, which came from Costco, is prome to occasional failure, particularly with larger items and those with higher moisture content when sealing the bags.


      • EdF
        Club Member
        • Jul 2016
        • 3228
        • Atlantic Highlands, NJ
        • Uuni Pro (new kid in town)
          Karubeque C-60
          Large BGE since 2002 + plate setter + pizza stone + upper grid + stainless paella pan for drippings (the best!)
          TEC Cherokee FR since 2014 (portable infrared grill - does a mighty sear)
          Polyscience Sous Vide Pro since 2012 (wasn't much else available in those days)
          Thermapen Air
          ThermaQ (or its predecessor)
          Thermoworks Hi temp IR
          BBQ Dragon & Chimney of Insanity
          Various other stuff

        Here's a trick that might work. Put the bag in diagonally and seal one corner, then the other. At that point if you measured right, you should have <= 11" unsealed. Put the bag in straight and seal the rest of it.


        • EdF
          EdF commented
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          My pleasure, CaptainMike . Got that from the Uumi bag site. It works.

        • Troutman
          Troutman commented
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          I just suggested the same thing above, it's the Umai dry age bag trick !!!

        • EdF
          EdF commented
          Editing a comment
          Indeed it is, Troutman ! You know what they say, "living vicariously is fun and cheap"! I always try to learn from others' experiences instead of being a drudge and doing it all on my own. Life is too short.

          As Sly sang "Different strokes for different folks"! It's all good.
      • Skip
        Founding Member
        • Jul 2014
        • 3833
        • Blue Earth, Minnesota
        • LSG Adjustable Grill/Smoker, MAK Pellet Grill, Large BGE, Weber Gasser, Cast Iron Pans & Griddle, Grill Grates, Mostly Thermoworks Thermometers

        Foodsaver does have Large Pleated Bags. They work with 11" Machines but with my experience you need to cut them extra long to get them to seal well.


        • Rfuilrez
          Club Member
          • Aug 2015
          • 171

          As Skip mentioned you can use a gussetted or pleated bags. Here’s some.


          Ive never used them. I have a 15” wide vacuum sealer that I use.


          • CaptainMike
            CaptainMike commented
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            That's a great idea. Unfortunately they are currently sold out. Thanks for the link and I'll check in periodically.
        • klflowers
          Club Member
          • Sep 2015
          • 3778
          • Tennessee

          In his post from 9/21, First time sous vide quing, @Robvjr mentioned "I have some big kitchen 5-8 gallon containers (perk of working in food and bev for as long as I have) and used a 3 gallon zip lock bag" in a post about sous vide cooking a bone in cowboy ribeye.





          2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

          We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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