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I bought a knife, argh, argh,argh.

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    I bought a knife, argh, argh,argh.

    No it’s not a Binford. Sometime in November one of our wonderful members posted about a kickstarter knife from Mankitchen. The add was interestingly appealing in a Tim Allen way. So I bit. Woe is me, as I has to splain to me wife why I got another knife. The dang thing is a beauty & it is honkin big. Here is the unwrappin. Click image for larger version

Name:	9651AEEE-5CB4-4466-8CA5-E23D454A23C3.jpeg
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Name:	17B97F10-41FB-4A24-AD17-F8645979FAA4.jpeg
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Name:	4513F680-C42B-421E-9CA0-7827C43D06C7.jpeg
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Name:	32B7B2B2-A6FD-4B58-A3F9-423B45D39F43.jpeg
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Name:	C7CC841E-1E6C-43A2-B92D-E65D547167A8.jpeg
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Name:	4EF360C5-4A20-445B-96BE-5E571164FDAE.jpeg
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    Nice looking knife, apart from the blade of course the handle looks beefier and fuller, even more contoured.
    My major beef with knives are the puny handles most models have.


    • FireMan
      FireMan commented
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      Yup, the handle is beefier, argh, argh, argh.


    I got one too, I'm living vicariously through your picture until it arrives (and I too will have to explain to my wife why ANOTHER knife has show up in the mail).


    • ComfortablyNumb
      ComfortablyNumb commented
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      Shipped in error, they told you to keep it. That's your story, stick to it.

    Very nice. Please let us what you think after running it through its paces.


      love the belly on that. Resembles a Kramer knife.


        Originally posted by FireMan View Post
        Woe is me, as I has to splain to me wife why I got another knife.
        Better get used to it. I’m STILL ‘splainin’ this:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	805AADDB-54CB-43D8-88C3-00481E7F4F78.jpeg
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Size:	267.2 KB
ID:	800830


        • smokin fool
          smokin fool commented
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          Umm, who are you dis-membering….that's a weapon and a half.

        • Sweaty Paul
          Sweaty Paul commented
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          Love it! How do you like it!

        • MBMorgan
          MBMorgan commented
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          Sweaty Paul - Looks aside, it’s actually a great cleaver. It’s wicked sharp and heavy enough to bludgeon it’s way through pretty much anything reasonable. I can’t say that I’ve quite figured out what to do with the rounded blade ... but it’s one heck of a conversation-starter.

        NIce, looks like a solid knife! Congrats on the new toy, good luck with the 'splainin'


          In my best Crocodile Dundee voice: Now that's a knoife!
          Last edited by CaptainMike; February 7, 2020, 08:44 PM.


          • treesmacker
            treesmacker commented
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            That's exactly my thought!!

          • crazytown3
            crazytown3 commented
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            Beat me to it.

          Looks like it’s modeled after a “Kramer” and the like.

          looks nice. What tree is going first. Congratulations on that/


            Sweet looking blade right there.

            I’m already wondering where a couple of my digits went just imagining using that beauty. 😳👊👊


              Congrats on another piece for your arsenal!




                  Wow. I saw that and my hand automatically closed into a fist just to protect my digits. That is the Binford Jr to MBMorgan's full Binford.
                  Great buy.


                    One can always use another knife !! I have to hide my good ones, I leave the junk ones to the family to tear up.


                    • FireMan
                      FireMan commented
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                      Yup, & tear them up they do. I’m really particular about carin fer em. This one is to use instead of the Wustoff Classic shown. I also picked up a 6” Victorinox boning knife when Attjack notified us of a sale. They are off limits to all since everbody refuses to follow proper protocol in knife usage & cleaning.

                    @yreesmacker & HouseHomey mentioned the “Kramer” knife. I well know of Bob Kramer & his knives & sharpening & design skills. But I also can’t help but think of thee one & only Kramer when the name is mentioned & his customary entry. Just sayin. 🕶


                    • HouseHomey
                      HouseHomey commented
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                      “There’s always a bull market somewhere.”


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