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Phone Compatible Thermometers?

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    Phone Compatible Thermometers?

    I've seen 1 or 2 thermometers that claim to work really well with iPhone/Android. I was curious if anyone has bought/tried them? I love my Maverik, but if I'm going to buy another (and I might) I thought I might check that out as well. I mean, the phone is always on me...thoughts?

    Chris, I have had an iCel to use wirelessly with my phone. Personally I prefer my Mavericks.

    Easier to use and if your rig is dialed in you can leave it a long time without and issue.

    BUT if you want to do any graphing then thats another story


      Chris - Maverick will be shipping a bluetooth thermometer in January - the 735. Only place I've seen info is on Firecraft, which is taking pre-orders. iPhone and Android. Up to 4 probes.


        I have an Igrill and personally don't like it. problems connecting, eats batteries and cannot read display at the grill
        when sunny out.
        Just my 2cents


          You guys need to harass me to finish mine... it works and can run up to 8 modules, and I can make it tweet or send text messages, and we can program it however. Problem is the rest is the time consuming and less fun stuff.


            John, you bring that baby in at a less than 90.00 price point and I want 8 or so. ;-)


              Probes are the most expensive thing, while I have to program the interface my current hardware is maybe $40. If I get off my butt and and figure out the wireless I can drop it to probably half that. Maybe I can convince myself to do that over the holidays.


                I got an iGrill2 for my birthday. Used it the first time for my beef on weck and it worked great. I would have overcooked it for sure without it. Also used one of the probes to make sure the water was the right temp for yeast when I made the rolls. Not sure about durability but it seems very useful and the app is dead simple.


                  I'm waiting on the Maverick 735 but I wish there was more information on what the experience will be with the app. It's available for pre-order on the FireCraft retail site but I can't find anything about it on the manufacturers website or their FB page. I also can't find anything in the App Store about it even though it's supposed to ship in January.


                    I got the igrill2. Powersmoke's comment on the igrill seem to have been cleaned up with the 2nd edition. I'm still on the original set of batteries, multiple long smokes down the line. Connectivity has not been an issue once, and the bluetooth range is good. It takes 4 probes, and their accuracy is excellent, as far as i can tell.

                    I use it in conjunction with Samsung S4 and Iphone 5S. So I've had it on both Android and Apple, and its been faultless for me on both.

                    The only gripe is the downloading of the data. I have to email a csv file a probe at a time, while the probes are attached and the unit is on (it doesn't just store the data on the device for access afterwards). Then go through excel hoops to consolidate the data into a single graph.

                    As this is all a software issue, I would hope they address this in the next software upgrade. However, I'm not holding my breath. This wouldn't be a deal killer, I would buy this product again. For the price, it works well.

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                      I have an iGrill, and had nothing but trouble with it when using with my Android devices (tried several). I have since dedicated an under-used iPhone 5 to the job and it has been very solid with their (older) iGrill app, but not so much with their (newer) iDevices app. I like this solution compared to my Mavericks because I can see a graph, but the functionality of the app (as others have mentioned) leaves a lot to be desired. And yes, you can't read it in sunlight.

                      I'll be upgrading for sure, but after the rocky road with iGrill & Android (I had several discussions with them, where they kept promising fixes) I'm open to something other than an iGrill2. Haven't found a good option yet, but it sounds like maybe next month there will be one. I'm covering CES for a tech website, so if I find anything cool there, I'll pass it along.


                        My wife knew I was supposed to be working on my thermometer, so when she saw the iGrill 2 she got it for me. While I haven't used it much, it seems to be exactly what I was building and came in at $90. I freeze and boil tested them and they were great, they also support a higher temp range. It also came with all 4 probes which surprised me, each color coded with a thick layer that covers the connection at the tip end, and also a holder to keep your probes untangled.
                        Samsung S4 setup took 5 minutes, digital display has a magnet and can be stuck to cooker. There are presets for all of the protein doneness levels that take just a few seconds to select or you can create your own, including a range alarm, and name and save it. You can customize the output somewhat, but I just view the pit temp and then the internal probe shows the temp as well as a chart.
                        So far this thing is awesome, I will update if anything changes.



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