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    Has anyone used an iGrill2? I've seen some decent reviews so i ordered one for a cook next week. Just curious if anyone had any experience using one.

    I noticed a user named "mrmikemgm" has it listed in his signature. Maybe he'll see this and respond.


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      Indeed and I certainly will.

    Please let me know how it goes. I want that dude just to have graphs and get a better idea of overall cooking times. I am the only one in a house of 9 people ages 7-38 that does not have an "i" of some sort. So this will be a good excuse to "need" one.


      looks cool. just haven't tried it. I do wonder how well it works through a wall though. my living room / kitchen area isn't far from the smoker but is behind a wall.


        Thanks guys, I'll give a report later next week as I bbq a couple racks of spares!


          Have both the iGrill Mini and the iGrill2. Both are excellent. The only dings I can give them are:
          1. Range is really far less than I would have liked, but it's Bluetooth and they make it clear it's bluetooth. The range is what the range is.
          2. Additional probes are expensive.
          They are quite reliable, easy to use, work seamlessly with my iPhone and iPad and I wouldn't trade them for the world.


            Sweet!!! My grill is about 30' from my living room, there's a wall in between, but we'll see how it works out. Given the price of many of the other remote grill thermometers, The cost of the iGrill2 and extra probes seemed to be of a reasonable price.


              I have the Igrill and Maverick 732 and love them both. My igrill (first gen) gives you all cooking temp data and charts. The food prob on my igrill only goes to 400 degrees (i usually cook at 225 anyways). My bluetooth range is better than the range on maverick.


                I have the iGrill first generation. I really like it, I used to question it's accuracy, but once I added a thermoworks chefs alarm I have felt better about it since I use them both as ambient probes. Also, I will say the people at I devices are really nice and seem to care about their customers. Not to leave Thermoworks out here, they actually are a top 5 customer service company that I have ever dealt with. A week before thanksgiving I was planning on doing my first smoked turkey and my Thermopen was dead. They got me back in action within a week for a simple $20 repair and calibration. I also ordered an infared pocket thermometer and it quit working after three months. I asked them about it, they called me, said that shouldn't happen and another one is on the way. She also suggested that if I replace the batteries in the old one it should work, but they told me to keep it if it does work. Anyway, I really like both of these companies. Good people, great products. Jim


                  Been a while but I thought I'd check in so if anyone is looking they get some info. I've finally upgraded to an iPhone that can sync up with the iGrill (had to use an iPad in the past because the phone needs Bluetooth 2). Works pretty good used it with two walls between line of sight a few times and I had to reconnect when the app reopened, but it didn't take long. It DID let me know how far off my old thermometers were, and how much more efficient my cook could be.

                  I'm going to bbq some chicken and a small pork roast today, confident in my cook temp!


                    I have both the iGrill2 (birthday present) and the iGrill mini. Love them both. They saved me from overcooking a roast beef and have been especially useful when cooking different meats together on the PBC (specifically a corned beef brisket, corned beef round, and pork shoulder) Gave me enough probes that I could monitor all three plus the PBC temp. The little colored collars soon all turn about the same shade of bbq so I usually just make a note of which port is which meat when I set them up. I always use port 1 for pit temp, then work from there. If I just want to monitor pit temp I use the mini.

                    Oh, and it works with the apple watch. (yes, I'm an apple geek)


                      I have the igrill2. Works pretty much flawlessly. Love it.

                      However... my complaints are simply that if you want to export the data there are quirks. 1) you can only do it when the probe is plugged in 2) You get a HUGE number of readings - one every 2 or 3 seconds for each probe (over a brisket cook, this makes for 10's of 1,000's of data points) 3) the data is in a annoying format - so lots of clean up required. 4) The probes all record sequentially at best. This means that probe 1 temp is not taken at the same time as probe 2. No biggie, unless you want to graph and then the data needs to have the same time stamp. i.e. Probe 1 temp at time stamp: Jun 15 2015 11.45.53 is hard to link to probe 2 time stamp of: Jun 15 2015 11.45.54.

                      This is all software related stuff, so hopefully they will just send an update that'll fix it. Till then, enjoy excel. Top Tip! If you want to graph time signatures, use an XY graph, not line.




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