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733 Probe Life Expectancy

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    733 Probe Life Expectancy

    Wonder if anyone has any input on probe life expectancy for the Maverick 733? Yesterday I threw a pork roast on for a slow cook and the food probe temp was way off when measured against my Thermapen. I'm talking about 50+ degrees. Since I wasn't going to be at it for long I didn't break out the DigiQ and just kept an eye on the temp. I changed batteries in both units and cycled both units off and on. Nothing changed.

    I ordered a new probe hoping that fixes the problem (gets here tomorrow). Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the same problem.

    Yes I've had problems with mine as well. I contacted Maverick and they had me send it in. They sent me a new one right away. I used to have problems with my Mavs back int he day. But I haven't had any problems recently.


      A couple weeks ago I returned a 732 to Amazon because of some electrical issues, faults in the base or remote. I reordered and got the 733. I like the probes better, seem better made. The 733's temp is spot on when compared to the thermopop.


        I have a 732 and a couple 733's (I like the distance on the 733). Life expectancy varies for me from a couple month's to more than a year. I make sure I don't dunk them in water and clean them with a damp cloth. I also make sure I have a couple spares on hand just in case


          Originally posted by cdd315 View Post
          I have a 732 and a couple 733's (I like the distance on the 733). Life expectancy varies for me from a couple month's to more than a year. I make sure I don't dunk them in water and clean them with a damp cloth. I also make sure I have a couple spares on hand just in case
          Well I've cooked quite a bit with mine since I've had it and never submerge the probes. I guess at almost 2 years old (purchased Dec. '13) I shouldn't complain too much. I was just wondering if others were getting the same mileage out of theirs, more, or less.


            The only time I've run into a problem with any of my Maverick probes acting weird was caused by the meat being partly frozen in the center. I was getting an error on the receiving unit showing LLL or something like that. I checked with one of my ChefAlarms and saw that the interior of the meat was right at freezing. After the meat temp had risen, the Maverick worked fine. I think the programming for the Maverick must not go as low as the ChefAlarm or Dot thermometers.


              2 years is great life. I view the probes as light bulbs- they could last next to forever or they could die in a few months. I have one probe that is from my original 732 I bought in March of 2012, (3.5yrs) and it's still going strong and accurate as can be! I have about 6 or 7 probes that have failed through the years. I figure as convenient as the 732 is, wireless, alarms, affordable, etc, that the wishy-washy probe life is part of 'you can't have it all' and I still view them as a great product.

              Sometimes what I've found is the probes will begin to read crazy high temps at room air temp. If it's 80 deg outside, and the probe in ambient air reads 146 for example, it's beginning to go. However, I've wagered many times that it just couldn't read a low temp, and that once I passed 146, for example, it would begin to read again. So far this theory has proved true. Once the meat or grate temp gets up past whatever crazy temp the probe reads it seems to become accurate again. It's as if low sensitivity is the first to go.

              The 732 and 733 are the same unit, same transmitter, same range, same probes. The only difference is the display of the 733 has more stuff on it. The 735, bluetooth model, has newer improved probes.

              Always a good idea to keep at least one spare probe on hand, better yet 2, like you would light bulbs in the drawer.


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                The 732 has the same range as the 733? Well then I must have a faulty 732. The receiver has to be line of site to the transmitter for mine to work. I had no idea! I just assumed the 733 better range. I can be anywhere within the yard and the 733 still receives in my pocket. I wonder if they'd replace the 732?

              cdd315 Yeah sounds like you have a faulty 732. Another thread on here somewhere talks about the antenna inside, being wire, possibly having a poor connection. Mav's customer service is excellent. You could try giving them an email or a call and explain your issue with your 732 and see what they can do for you. www.maverickhousewares.com

              I get great reception with mine, I can go about 60 yards (180ft) non-direct line of sight when I'm out mowing. That's all the further I need to go where I set them, so I haven't tested their full range.



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