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Cross Compatibility probe testing Thermoworks vs Maverick

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    Cross Compatibility probe testing Thermoworks vs Maverick

    The Maverick XR-50 arrived today. Time to play.

    Contestants -

    Thermoworks Dot
    Thermoworks Smoke (2 channel)
    Maverick XR-50

    Thermoworks Pro-series replacement probes (originals are long gone)
    Maverick original probes

    Fitment -

    Maverick probes into Thermoworks units. Perfect click in and same ambient temp as XR-50
    Thermoworks probes into Maverick. At first no fit, no click, no reading. After scratching my head, then taking some measurements. Eureka! Maverick plug is 7.6 mm (.28") Thermoworks is 8.5mm (.33")
    The Thermoworks connection is a surface mount. The Maverick is recessed. (? creates a better water proof
    connection ?) The recess is created by the soft plastic/rubber covering of the unit.
    A judicious twist and push on the plug and we have success. Click and same ambient temp.

    Results -

    Maverick probes work with Thermoworks Dot and Smoke. Thermoworks probes work with Maverick XR-50 - with a bit of gentle persuasion. And I do mean gentle - no true force is really needed.

    Testing progressed into non ambient temperatures (what's really important). Boiling water and an ice slurry. All contestants reported temperatures within an acceptable range of one another. I admit I was impatient and the differences can probably be attributed to probe placement and processing/reporting lags.

    Boiling water 210° Take note, I live at 2300'
    Ice Slurry 34°

    As with all Internet testings, YMMV.

    The good news for me is that my stash of replacement Thermoworks probes will work with my new XR-50. Good news for everybody else is that Mavericks 'waterproof' probes will work with Thermoworks (at least some) units and are slightly cheaper (4') and include a longer length option (6')

    In closing, a final observation. The Thermoworks units report temperatures faster. There is perceptible processing lag with the XR-50. IRL, it probably doesn't really matter.


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