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Pampered chef help

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    Pampered chef help

    So, I have reached out to half a dozen pampered chef reps and none of them have been able to answer my question, so I’m hoping someone here will be able to shed some light.

    I have a pampered chef pizza stone. It was brand new. I used it in the oven a handful of times,
    and then one night I threw it into the kamado. It was on the top grate, very elevated. After doing this twice,
    it completely turned the stone black.

    Is this a good thing? Do I need to try to remove the black with baking soda? Do I need to leave it alone? Any input would be great.

    thank you,


    I would just scrub it as best you can and keep using. I doubt any harm was done.

    FYI, my PC pizza stone broke after a few uses in the kamado. I ended up going with ceramic chef brand and it is awesome and can handle the HEAT.

    id just keep using your PC stone until it breaks! Just give it a scrubbing. Nothing to worry about.


      There might be more questions for you to answer, particularly about any coating products you might have put on the stone, or allowed to accumulate through use. Also, temperature you're running your cooker.

      My experience is that at very high temperatures, north of 700 usually, the stone actually goes back to it's original-ish color as those high temps "burn off" the coating, carbon, material.

      Edit; I'm speaking of a cordierite stone which is rated for temps up to 1472 degrees.
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        We have one and we leave it as-is. It is dark brown/blackish all over. I view it as a sign of seasoning, but I haven't used it in the kamado, only the oven.


        • Dewesq55
          Dewesq55 commented
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          I do this as well. I occasionally scrape it pretty well with my bench scraper to remove charred bits.

        Our Pampered Chef Stone cracked when I used it on the grill. Now I have a BGE Stone and one from Ceramic Grill Store. Both are 5/8" thick I believe and are "a little" black. I never thought it mattered?


          I am not recommending this but we have a pampered chef pizza stone we have had for 10+ years. It rarely leaves our electric range. The only time I take it out is if I need both racks in the oven. It does get very dark over time. When we self clean our oven we keep the stone in it. It turns it back to its original color and burns off all the oil and stuff that has absorbed into the stone. It makes the kitchen a bit smokey when we do it so we make sure we close our kitchen up and open the windows in the kitchen.


            Unfortunately the Pampered Chef stones have a tendency to break at pizza temps in the kamado. I suggest going to your local restaurant supply store or the Ceramic Grill store and picking up a stone (or two) for your kamado. I use two stones, one for a deflector (I use a woo and stone instead of a plate setter). I don't worry about the drips and stains on the deflector stone. I use a second stone just for pizzas and baking.

            Also, be careful what you use to clean your stones, they are very porous and can absorb the cleaner. You don't want that stuff near your food. Some people use water only on their stones.
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              It could be seasoning, but just give it a light scrub in case it’s not. You don’t want off flavors. My opinion. Keep using!


                Here’s the thing, when it had been used in the oven it was only lightly wiped with vegetable oil.

                The temp in the kamado.......750 degrees for the pizzas, about 5 or 6 times. The bottom of the pan is a
                oiled tan, but the top, looks like midnight, jet black.


                  I have a PC pizza stone also, and it's mostly black on the cooking side. I don't do anything special to clean it off, just hot water and a good wipe. I would equate it to the seasoning in a cast iron pan.


                    I treat mine like cast iron. The result: It looks like cast iron, has a nice shiny and very black surface, and nothing sticks to it. Also like CI, everything tastes good on it.


                      Ours is over 28 years old and is as black as the ace of spades now. It only gets cleaned with warm water snd a brush. I’ve never used it on a grill though.


                      • barelfly
                        barelfly commented
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                        28 years! Wow! I’ve gone through 3-4 I think in 20 years, mine keep cracking, which, perhaps is from a bit of steam in the oven when I bake bread? But, 28 years for one of these is great!

                      • Dadof3Illinois
                        Dadof3Illinois commented
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                        It was a wedding present back in 1992. We use it 3-4 times a week. Bread, rolls, pizza, cookies plus all the frozen stuff the kids make.


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