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What's You Favorite Pan??

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    What's You Favorite Pan??

    We get a lot of favorites topics, including our favorite cookers, etc. along with tons of cast iron back and forths. But if you had to name your top 3 indoor pans (or outdoor if you use them there), than what would they be?

    Personally I have a lot of junk. My wife goes out and buys the cheapest crap on the market, it causes food to stick and burn, is inconsistent with heat and generally gets tossed out after a couple of years. I take a different approach. I bought an All Clad stainless model that I just love, along with my cast iron pan, about all I cook in.

    Recently had my 30+ year old carbon steel wok handle fall off (cheap Chinese weld) so I bought a new Helen Chen carbon steel one that will probably be pan #3. So here is my favorites for day-to-day cooking pan wise;

    1) Good old reliable 12" All Clad. Along with the pots bought in a collection, this pan gets used almost daily. Never get much sticking and it cleans up like a breeze. Heat distribution is great. When it gets tarnished I scrub it out with a good stainless cleaner and it looks shiny and new again.....

    2) Who can live without a good cast iron pan? Fried chicken without it, forget about it? Stable workhorse, can cook a whole breakfast and never blink an eye. Love it .....

    3) And my new number 3 in line is my Helen Chen carbon steel wok. This is my third seasoning step, got 3 more to do. We'll break her in with a stir fry dish soon....

    Show me what you cook on......
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    Your pics aren't showing up ...

    Click image for larger version

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      Pic's not showing for me.

      I have a few fairly good pans but I seem to always reach for my Bauer pan that's probably 25 years old.
      Don't make Bauer like this one anymore, weighs a ton.


        This Lodge skillet has been my go-to so long that there really is no second place unless you count the griddle as a pan.
        Click image for larger version

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          Aus Ion Noni solid stainless with lid/griddle . Expensive like all clad but I like the design better (especially the handle).

          For cast iron, the stargazer 12”

          the baking steel griddle rounds rounds out my top three.

          I’d add Dutch ovens but which one depends on the size I need. I like the lodge camp ovens for versatility. Cheap woks are good too.

          Click image for larger version

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          • mnavarre
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            Man, I love that Finex dutchie. So purty.

          Great thread!

          At present, leastwise on my end of th wires, no pics are showin, prior to radshop 's


            Can't go wrong with All clad. I am fortunate that their headquarters in not far from me. They have factory seconds sales a few times a year and you can get some good stuff at a decent price.


              Probably my 12" double handled Lodge cast iron pan.


                My 12” lodge cast iron skillet is my go to. I also use my cast iron griddle quite a bit.


                  12" CI, CI DO's, Cheap-O Walmart-special diamond coated (riiiiight) 6" egg fryer/saute pan.


                    A clean one. All time fave.


                    • Nate
                      Nate commented
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                      ^^^^ Winning Response ^^^^

                      Just like my favorite beer is a free one!

                    My 12 inch lodge cast iron. I love it so much I have three of them. That's my list, 1 through 3.


                      My 14” carbon steel wok & 10” Cast Iron Stargazer, looks like @Polarnear777 ‘s 12”. I use this almost exclusively. Once in a while I’ll pull out one of the 12” Erie or the Griz.


                        Tough call. LOL The THREE I use most though are my 3 qt All-Clad saucier, All-Clad sauté (4 qt if I recall), and my All-Clad 10" frying pan.


                          We got a set of Emeril Lagassee pots and pans, they are SS, heavy and totally worth the money. Of course, someone else paid for them since they were a wedding gift..... Been married 17 yrs. Of course, my wife has a collection of cast iron she got from her great grandmother we love too.


                          • texastweeter
                            texastweeter commented
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                            I have a set too. Emrilware is made by allclad. Difference is, it doesn't extend up the sides, only the bottom. there has never been any figurative proof that it makes any difference whatsoever.


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