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Wok purchase question

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    Wok purchase question

    Looking to purchase a wok to use on the kettle.
    Is a round (not flat bottom) one that is suitable for a gas stove also suitable to be used on a grill grate.
    I assume it is, but I usually get myself into a pickle when I do that so, thought I might oughtta ask...


    Personally, unless you want to always mess with a wok ring, I would go for a flat bottomed wok for use on top of grill grates outdoors. Then wok ring will raise it more above the heat. The exception would probably be if you have one of those Weber grates with the hole in the middle - that would probably hold a round bottom wok nicely above some charcoal.

    What kind of grill do you plan to use it on?


      I agree, a flat bottomed wok gives you more cooking options and less of a hassle to use.


        Agreed with the flat bottom wok. Most versatile for western uses, grills, stoves etc. Don’t get sucked into buyin a fancy expensive wok, not that there is anything wrong with that. An inexpensive carbon steel will do just fine for many, many moons.


          Thanks gentlemen..
          Appreciate the input.
          carbon steel is what I'm looking at.
          Something to use on a standard kettle grill grate. ( and maybe directly on a vortex).
          the one I had been looking at said it was compatible with a gas stove or open fire, but didn't look to have a flat bottom.
          I will switch gears to look for one with a flat bottom.
          what brand do you all have?
          My other cs pans that I own are both Matfer, but I don't see where they make a wok...


          • jfmorris
            jfmorris commented
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            If you put it DIRECTLY on the Vortex, you will snuff out the fire. But if you mean on the grill grate above the vortex, that will work well.

          14 inch
          carbon steel
          flat bottom
          Helper handle opposite the wok's main handle

          I got mine at the Wok Shop. I bought the set, which was on crazy sale at the time for some reason (mid-lockdown fire sale? JK.). Even came with a cookbook. Kenji's The Wok is better, though.



          • FireMan
            FireMan commented
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            Ditto with Kathryn on the Wok Shop!
            Again, don’t look fer some fancy brand, you will just spend money.

          • MsTwiggy
            MsTwiggy commented
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            I concur with the wok shop! I got mine there years ago, was reasonably priced, and I use it all the time. I got the hammered steel one with two loop handles. I have a special grate for my stove that has a round opening to accommodate the wok and get it super close to the burner.

          • jfmorris
            jfmorris commented
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            Mine is a 14" flat bottom with the metal (not wood) helper handle, also from The Wok Shop.

          If you were to ever get the kettle grate with the center cutout, perfect way to hold the wok. In the mean time, aluminum foil crumbled into a circle as a ring works. And, for your gas stove top - what type of grate do you have? I have one that allows for a round bottom to sit without rolling around and it works great.

          so, based on what I mentioned above, I’ll go against the grain and say a round bottom because you don’t have the lip that the flat bottom creates. Not that that would create any real issues, but just nice to have the full round for woking it up!

          And, Wok Shop is good, I have a few utensils from them but Amazon is where I got my CS Wok, $30 or so if I remember. At the time I bought my wok, I don’t think Wok Shop had the one I wanted in stock. FireMan turned me on to the one I got from Amazon.

          Have fun! Wok cooking is fun, easy and turns out some great food!


            Kenji Lopez has a great guide to Woks on Serious Eats Website, FYI


              Flat bottom is much more versatile. I like the round for my outdoor dedicated wok burner, but flat for everything else.

              Cheap woks are good. I like one with a long handle since I like to toss and it keeps me farther from the heat.


                I’ve used carbon steel round bottom woks for so many years that a flat bottomed wok would just seem weird. And I’ve often used them without a wok ring as well. It’s not like I’m making something that is going to sit on a cooker/stove for 40+ minutes. ;-)

                I just like the "flow" & movement that a round bottom wok provides.

                Something like the Weber "Gourmet BBQ System" makes short work of holding a wok steady. (I think that’s what they call their grates with a round hole. GBS? Yeah? I’m not sure.) But a ring is an easy add on…or simply cook quickly and don’t wander away…at least not for long. LOL I also have an older style Weber wok. The latest one is too "bowl" shaped for my liking. Not sure how one could utilize the sides with that shape.

                Another place to look is a restaurant supply store. All sorts of sizes & materials, and usually for a lot less than most retail places. I swear, one of the suppliers by my old house had some that looked to be nearly 3 feet in diameter. O_o
                A helper handle, as mentioned above, is a great feature.


                  The wok shop can answer your questions and give you information of what type, size, etc..
                  here is the link. https://www.wokshop.com/newstore/wokology-101/#anchor2


                    Whatever you do get carbon steel or cast iron. PLEASE do NOT get a non-stick wok for any reason. The coating will come off and you will be hating life.


                    • Finster
                      Finster commented
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                      The wife uses non stick..
                      Only carbon steel or cast iron for me..

                    This is a 4 o’clock in the morning Rabbit Hole.


                    • surfdog
                      surfdog commented
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                      You are not wrong!
                      And I really did LOL when I read your reply. Been there many times.
                      Last edited by surfdog; June 10, 2022, 10:58 PM.


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