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Cookware Advice Needed

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    Cookware Advice Needed

    I know it isn't exactly a smoker or grill topic but it still involves cooking and I know there are plenty of good chefs and cooks in here that I am hoping can give me a little input.

    We are in the market for a new cookware set. We're wanting to get something durable, dependable, even cooking, induction compatible, etc... I know that prices vary greatly from Cuisinart to All-Clad, but I would still like some input on experiences, observations, etc...

    We are not interested in non-stick sets. We are looking primarily at Stainless Steel Set w/a copper or aluminum core going all the way up the sides. We will also pick up some cast iron and enameled cast iron pieces as needed.

    Here are some brands we have been researching or have looked at when it comes to the Sets: All-Clad, Cuisinart, Calphalon, Le Creuset, KitchenAid, and Pampered Chef to name a few. I am open to other suggestions but those seem to be the ones that keep popping up. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I put more stock into the opinions and reviews of fellow pitmasters than I do amazon reviews.


    I asked a similar question, and as expected the answer was usually All-Clad. I bought the 12" skillet and a sauce pan and that is about all I have needed. That skillet is impressive and should be the last I buy. I have a big and a small cast iron skillet as well and have wanted for nothing over the last few months. I have a Kitchen Aid Pro mixer that is awesome and I'm still looking for a food processor.

    That is all I know, which isn't much but there it is.


      I purchased the linked cookware set off of Amazon back in 2012. I'm happy with the purchase and have no regrets with it. I used to use pieces from the set daily and there are some pieces that I use more than others. Clean up is easy, nothing a good soaking for an hour or two couldn't take care of. If I felt like restoring the stainless sheen I'd bust out the bar keepers friend.

      I still cook with the various pieces but since discovering the wonders of cast iron I use the pans hardly ever but still make use of the various pots.

      I have a feeling I won't be having to buy another set for the rest of my life(helps that the set comes with a lifetime warranty too).

      Whatever you end up choosing you're on the right track with stainless, non-stick is such a waste of money.
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        All Clad....that simple


          I have been using the same Alclad cookware basic set for 16 years. It still looks new. I have added numerous pieces over the years, and have nothing but good things to say. I use it everyday, I am not gentle with it, I put it in the dishwasher; I scrape it; burn it; and otherwise abuse it ....it cooks evenly and consistently. The few dollars (which seemed like a fortune back then) that I spent on it, if you amortize if over the life of its use is less than fraction of pennies.

          I also have numerous pieces of LeCruset cookware. There are times, which slow braising from cooktop to oven and back are essential....nothing beats the LeCruset for those tasks. Again, both of these brands are cookware that you can pass on to your children and beyond with even minimal care. I have cooked so many various dishes in my LeCruset dutch oven that at one time I started to just leave it out on the counter so I wouldn't have to lug it from under the cabinet. Good luck.


            Another vote for All Clad


              Buy pieces not sets.
              Le Creuset for enameled cookware. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats Le Creuset.
              All Clad for a 10 inch stainless steel skillet. You don't need many stainless steel skillets when you have a good medium size dutch oven and cast iron skillets.

              Get a good size saucepan from a restaurant supply store.

              Lodge for cast iron. Try to get a 12, 10 and 8 inch. Great for baking as well. I bake my cakes in my 10 inch lodge chicken fry. Yes, I fry chicken in it too.


              • Hardwarehank
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                Hindsight being what it is. I would have purchased pieces versus a full stainless steel set.

              • Ernest
                Ernest commented
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                We live and we learn.
                I've always saved and bought pieces as needed. Le Creuset outlet stores are money savers

              • Medusa
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              All Tramontina triple clad stainless is induction capable.


                You need this...

                Click image for larger version

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                  If you go with cast iron skillets, try to get old Griswolds. They went out of business decades ago, but you can still find them online and maybe at garage sales. In fact, there's at least one web site for aficionados. The ones with the large logos stamped on the bottom are the oldest and supposedly made from better quality iron. Old Wagners would be a good second choice.

                  A note about stainless steel, food tends to stick more than with other materials. So, when you saute, in particular, you have to be vigilant.

                  The only non-stick I use is small omelet pans, primarily for flipping eggs and sometimes for crepes.

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                  There was an interesting article in Cook's Illustrated in the last month or two about high carbon steel pans. The testers rated them very highly. Not for looks, but once (easily) seasoned they performed better than old cast iron or modern nonstick pans. These are the types of pans you seen in a lot of restaurants and cooking shows. I might get one for testing purposes. That being said, over the years I have collected a ton of All-Clad, and I swear by it.


                    I use a combination of All-Clad and Cast Iron cookware. Both go from the stove top to the oven and last almost forever if cared for properly. You won't be sorry with either.


                    • Medusa
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                      AGREE! -- Ed


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