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Brisket Help?

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    Brisket Help?

    After I wrapped my 8 pound Costco flat in butcher paper to power thru the stall, the internal temp went up to 177°. For the last hour and a half the internal temp has steadily gone down, and it is now at 166°. Why is this happening if the pit temp has not changed, and the stall should already have happened? I am really confused by this one.
    I have attached a graph for your viewing pleasure!
    Thanks for any insight on this one.
    I am cooking on a Primo, and using Thermoworks thermometers.
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    This is very common. Others can be more detailed as to why. But it’s basically part of the stall. Hang in there. It will turn around in time. Patience!


      My experience is that a stall doesn’t happen after a particular amount of time, or at a specific temp. Each piece of meat is different. I even had a Chuck roast stall on me twice, at 155 and again at 185. I don’t think what you’re seeing is out of the norm, even tho you wrapped in butcher paper. Although I haven’t used that, I use foil, my understanding is butcher paper still lets it breathe a little which is why it preserves the bark a little better (someone will correct me if I’m wrong about that). Anyway, I suspect you’ll see it turn the corner soon... good luck!


      • Panhead John
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        You're right! That’s why Aaron Franklin switched from wrapping his briskets in foil to butcher paper. The bark comes out a little better with the butcher paper.
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      Thanks for the responses. It's good to know this is a possible. I did see that I knocked my temp probe loose so I get a bad pit temp. I adjusted the draft doors and the internal temp is on it's way back up!
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      • Panhead John
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        Yes. It is not uncommon for the IT to drop during the stall. Like others said just keep going and it’ll get back up. Pull about 200-203.

      It's easier if you understand what the stall is. It's no different than you sweating under your arm. You sweat to reduce body temp.
      Your brisket is sweating to reduce heat.
      When the inside temp stabilizes with the grill temp, (not necessarily the same temp), that stall will stall out and your inside temp will start raising again.
      One would think that this sweating would result in dry meat but if you don't over trim the brisket it will still be juicy as long as you are not smoking at to hot of a temp.
      Most will smoke from 225 to 275 I think, but some will smoke at 325.
      If you smoke to hot and fast the connective tissue and fats won't render down as much.
      The most tender meat will come from the lower smoke temp. In my humble opinion.
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        I see you are fairly new here. Welcome.
        What smoker are you smoking with?
        There is many many people here who are much smarter than I am who can help answer all your questions.

        Actually, I see you've been a member for a few years. Only 3 posts.
        So anyway, good luck with all your smokes.
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          Thanks for the thoughts. I have been here a while, but this is my first post. I was really stumped by this one, as the stall had already happened around 150°. Once I repositioned the pit temp probe everything went back to normal, and the internal temp on the meat started to rise. The brisket turned out good, but I hoped it would be a bit better. Practice makes perfect, so I will do another one soon.
          Any tips on how to better secure the temp probe to the grill clip? It seems to come loose VERY easily. I'm using the Thermoworks probe, and grill clip pictured below on a Primo XL 400l
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	A53A8DBA-2BEA-4CC7-A3F5-3A1E2B07DA67.jpeg
Views:	131
Size:	189.5 KB
ID:	966659 One option to secure the probe is to run it through the clip’s arch first.


            • Dry Rub and a Tug
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              Great idea! Thank you the suggestion, and the picture.

            • HawkerXP
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              That clip has seen a few cooks.


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