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Beef ribs

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    Beef ribs

    Got a late er start than planned...........let me translate that........I forgot to dry brine the ribs last night . So i just salted them and will wait till 8-830 to smoke. So they will only have a 3 hr dry brine, which I guess is better than none at all. Cut these off of two of the primes I had. They were vacuum sealed and frozen. One dated 12/31 the other 7/31. They both look great and smell wonderful so far . We had a 12/31 ribeye the other day it was awesome.

    Im figuring 6-8hrs , 225°, a little hickory-cherry-mesquite for smoke. One is a little thicker so I will use two probes. Made up a big batch of Meatheads BBBR the other day so I will coat with that before they go on the smoker. Going to serve with the homemade KC sauce recipe from here I made the other day and some homemade artisan rolls I will bake today. Had the bbq sauce on pulled pork last night on homemade rolls and it was awesome on the pork.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice. Dem backs do take a while to loosen some of that collagen. That is plenty time to dry brine those things.


      Setting up WSM same as when I did the pork ribs. Smaller cheap chimney in middle wit 3 wide by 2 high brickettes-100 total for the fuse. Then I put a piece of mesquite charcoal and apple-hickory-cherry pieces. I have 60 brickettes in the weber chimney and will put that over the beginning of the fuse and put a small piece of pecan on top of the lit pieces.

      Click image for larger version

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        Beef ribs are on .

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          One day I will learn to post in the right section .


            Not a big deal. Just makes things easier to find when folks look for recipes in specific sub-forums.


              A couple hrs in and the temp has been holding around 212° in the grommet. form previous testing its about 5° hotter on the top rack so they are cooking about 217-220° which is fine with me. should help melt that collagen and make some melt in your mouth ribs later.


                No doubt. I've always rushed my beef back ribs. My next rack is going to be off the chain...I mean hook good.


                  Fuse is working good today. Only opened the bottom vents a little at the beginning but otherwise untouched. It is 3.5 hrs in and grommet probe reads 223°. 1-2 more smokes like this and I will feel comfortable to start a smoke at night and wake up to finish

                  This is the second one where I counted the bricketts and weighed the smoke wood and the temps are pretty solid both times. Maybe its just the seals or maybe its getting broken in .....or both. Either way it is nice to be predictable sometimes. Then of course winter temps will come so the outside ambient temperature will be 60°-85° different and everything will change .
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                    Set the alarms on a Maverick and you can get plenty sleep.


                      The thinner ribs were 194° and then after 1/2 hr went to 192° then 191°. Cooking temp at 194° ribs was 224°. In the 1/2 hr when the ribs dropped to 191° the cooking temp went to 234°????

                      The thicker ribs are just reaching 192° so I pulled the thin ribs to check. They are moist and so easily come off the bone cleanly so I did a light bbq sauce on the two and we will be eating soon. Potatoes and corn heating now.

                      The thicker ribs that read 192° right now still need more time. What would cause the rib temp to go down when the smoker temps went up? Glad I checked because they are surely done to perfection right now.



                        9hrs in all the ribs are out. Temp finally falling down to 202° from 235° in last 15 mins.

                        So 100 briquettes in fuse and 60 in the chimney has gone 9 hrs 2 times in a row.


                          Not too shabby.


                            Ive had great beginners luck following Meathead's recipes, even cooked a very good brisket first time, but now Im stuggling a bit with beef ribs. I can get the internal temp up to 180's, but struggling to get to that recommemded ~203. Cooked some small sections of ribs today, which I expected to finish in less time due to their small size, from about 8AM to 3PM (~7 hours) at 225-250 and they just would not get there. Finally just gave up & ate them anyway. The flavor was good, but they were tough...as was my last batch (which was a much nicer cut).

                            Suggestions? Just be patient, slightly higher cook temps?


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                              Wrapped them in foil


                            In my quest for tender juicy beef ribs, I researched sous vide cooking (is that a sin?)...and decided to give it try. Not having fancy sous vide equipment handy, I improvised...a crock pot, good thermometer and vaccum bagged ribs.

                            Rubbed the ribs. Vaccum bagged them. Sous vide'ed them for about 24 hours at around 160F (where the lowest setting of the crock pot hovered surprisingly consistently...who needs fancy gear!?). Rubbed them again. Moved them to the BBQ to finish for a few hours. The end result was juicy, tender ribs with good bark and smoke ring.

                            I intended to dry brine them first, but forgot, turned out to be unecessary...still nice and tender.

                            Smoked some local queso blanco on the side too.



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