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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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Hello from NorCal

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  • Old_Bikes
    Club Member
    • Dec 2016
    • 14
    • San Jose, CA

    Hello from NorCal

    Howdy, folks. I have been a member for a few years, and when I posted a reply to a thread I got a welcome and a note this was my first post. I looked and it seems I did not introduce myself. I have been grilling, smoking, and bbqing for some time, and found this site and it has been a great source of information and inspiration. I started out with a gas grill, bought a couple of books (pre-internet for me) and bought a kettle smoker. I started making sausage and playing around with cooking, and started getting more equipment and knowledge.

    Now I have a gas grill, BGE, Traeger, Weber, offset smoker, and still have the old kettle smoker. All have a different purpose. I still make sausage (primarily bratwurst) and make bacon and pastrami. I have learned a lot and now have an even deeper love for cooking, eating, and drinking. You gotta eat, so you might as well eat well. I have two seasons, beer season and wine season, which are dependent on where I am cooking. Beer season is summer and I cook outside almost exclusively, and wine season is winter when I cook indoors. Being in California, I still tend to cook outdoors to some degree all year.

    Glad to be among those dedicated to eating and drinking well, and sharing the knowledge thereof.
  • tiewunon
    Club Member
    • May 2020
    • 522
    • Virginia Beach, Va

    Welcome aboard from Virginia Beach.


    • Whiskeyman53
      Club Member
      • May 2020
      • 495
      • Massachusetts
      • Smokers/Grills:
        Camp Chef Smokepro DLX pellet grill
        Weber Kettle
        Dyna-Glo vertical offset smoker

        Favorite whiskey:
        Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon
        Angels Envy Bourbon
        Whistle Pig Rye

        Everyday sipper:
        Jim Beam Black and Wild Turkey Rye 101

        Favorite beer:
        Coffee Porter or Stouts

        Pabst Blue Ribbon and Narragansett for grilling and lawn mowing.

      Welcome to the pit from the bbq capital of New England, Massachusetts. I agree, eat well and pair the beverage to the occasion, season and cooking vessel.


      • jharner
        Club Member
        • Jan 2016
        • 1306
        • Louisiana - North West but a coon ass at heart
        • Cookers

          Camp Chef DLX Pellet Grill
          Weber 22.5 Kettle
          Brickman Box Smoker


          Slow N Sear
          Tube Smoker
          Turkey Cannon
          Rib racks
          Weber chimney starter


          Maverick ET 735
          Tru Temp 3619n
          Thermapen mk4

          Favorite Drink

          Free beer
          Coors Light
          Windsor ( Canadian blended whiskey )

        Welcome to the pit, Enjoy the Wikipedia of BBQ.


        • mcook2201
          Club Member
          • Aug 2019
          • 345
          • Mooresville, North Carolina

          Greetings and welcome from North Carolina


          • RonB
            Club Member
            • Apr 2016
            • 13865
            • Near Richmond VA
            • Weber Performer Deluxe
              Pizza insert
              Smokenator 1000
              Cookshack Smokette Elite
              2 Thermapens
              lots of probes.

            Welcome to The Pit again.


            • Soonerpop
              Club Member
              • Jan 2020
              • 579
              • Plano, Texas
              • Cookshack Smokette 008 (2005)
                Weber 18.5” Kettle
                Weber 22.5” Performer (drop-down shelf)
                SNS Elevated Grate
                Pit Barrel Junior (PBJ)
                Freedom Grill (for tailgating, but don’t do much anymore)
                Sizzle-Q Stainless Griddle
                Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

                Thermapen (Red, of course)
                Smoke Alarm (Likewise)

                Kingsford Professional
                Weber Briquettes (longer cooks)

                Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
                Coors Banquet (why bother with light beer?)

              Welcome to the Pit from north Texas, although you’ve been around longer than I have. You’ve got a lot of good cookers and do some great stuff. When is bourbon season? That’s pretty much year-round around here.


              • ofelles
                Club Member
                • Jun 2018
                • 2769
                • Brentwood CA
                • LSG large insulated cabinet
                  Yoder YS640
                  David Klose 20x42 Grill Chef Grill
                  Weber Jumbo Joe
                  FireBoard controller and PitBull fan
                  Thermapen Mk4

                Welcome from the Delta. Born and raised mostly in San Jose, moved up here 17 years ago.


                • Stuey1515
                  Club Member
                  • Dec 2019
                  • 529
                  • Hunter Valley NSW Australia

                  Welcome from Oz, you will like it back here


                  • DavidNorcross
                    Club Member
                    • Nov 2017
                    • 2469
                    • Virginia
                    • SNS Kamado
                      Weber Summit S-670
                      Camp Chef FTG 600
                      Camp Chef Escape

                      Old Hickory Knives
                      More Cast Iron than I care to admit

                    Welcome from Virginia!


                    • LA Pork Butt
                      Charter Member
                      • Dec 2014
                      • 5793
                      • Grew up in New Orleans, lived in Texas for 20 years, lived in Mandeville, LA for 22 years. I now liv

                      Welcome to the Pit from Dallas, Texas!


                      • Oakgrovebacon
                        Club Member
                        • Apr 2016
                        • 2018
                        • South central Illinois

                        Welcome to the pit from Southern Illinois!


                        • Skip
                          Founding Member
                          • Jul 2014
                          • 3841
                          • Blue Earth, Minnesota
                          • LSG Adjustable Grill/Smoker, MAK Pellet Grill, Large BGE, Weber Gasser, Cast Iron Pans & Griddle, Grill Grates, Mostly Thermoworks Thermometers

                          Welcome from Minnesota.


                          • Donw
                            Club Member
                            • Jul 2017
                            • 3653

                            Welcome from Maryland


                            • Texas Larry
                              Club Member
                              • May 2017
                              • 1860
                              • Wilson County, TX
                              • Kamado Joe Big Joe 2
                                Weber 22” Premium/SNS
                                Weber Jumbo Joe/SNS
                                Thermoworks Smoke
                                Thermoworks 2K Thermocouple
                                Thermoworks Dash
                                Too many gadgets, accessories, and tools
                                Favorite beer: Alaskan Amber

                              Sounds like we can learn a lot from you! Howdy from south Texas!




                              2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                              We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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                              Meat-Up in Memphis