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Hello from Heretic! Happy to be here.

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    Hello from Heretic! Happy to be here.

    I am just starting out. In fact I intend to attempt to smoke my first pork shoulder this weekend. Your site is amazing. I feel so much more prepared than before I found this site. Thank you, and I am looking forward to a new hobby.

    See you around,


    Welcome Heretic! We're glad you're here. What are you cooking the PS on?


      Welcome to The Pit Heretic . We're glad you're here! You'll get some great advice on this site to help you enjoy your new hobby. Good luck on the pork shoulder.


        Thanks guys. Well I am going to buy a Weber Performer and a Slow n' Sear in the near future. I just can't wait to at least give a Pork Shoulder a try though. So, I am going to make an attempt to smoke in my gas grill per the 2 zone setup for gas grills that I read on here. I figure a pork butt is about $20 so if I botch the job it won't be the end of the world. I'm sure it will be a bit of a "learning experience". Gotta start somewhere.


          Welcome Heretic


            Meatloaf and pork butt, 2 best things to start with.


              Welcome to the Pit!


                Welcome to The Pit Heretic.


                  Heretic, Welcome to The Pit! Allow Yourself plenty of Time and Use a Good Thermometer and You will be Just Fine! Eat Well and Prosper!
                  From Fargo ND, Dan


                    Welcome to the Pit Heretic ...

                    Your screen name demanded that I check your post out.👍

                    Good choice for a first cook. It's hard to screw that cook up. Pork butts/shoulders are VERY forgiving. Cooking them low and slow is best but you can cook them at higher temps too.

                    Once you get your Performer & SnS... Do yourself a big favor and do a few dry runs. Light that baby up and learn to control the heat at 225°, 250°, 275° and 325°.

                    Mark the back of your ash bucket where you slide your bottom vent so you know when that vent is open just a crack or open 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or wide open. Learn to control the cooking temperature... Which is MUCH different than what the lid thermometer says it is.

                    Once you've got that handled smoking a pork butt/shoulder is a piece of cake.👍

                    Go to ABCBarbeque.com and study up. They have all of those steps in video.

                    Take picture... Enjoy your bragging rights of your first cook.😉


                      Welcome, just joined myself Enjoy the adventure


                        Belated welcome to The Pit Heretic! Great to have you here, thanks for you support. How'd the pork shoulder turn out?

                        Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos.

                        Also, it's very important that you add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list in case you are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner!

                        Hope to hear & see more from you!


                          Wow! Thanks for the warm welcome. The Pork Shoulder turned out very well for my first go at it. It was very tender and juicy and we had some pretty darn good sandwiches. I almost had a disaster on my hands thanks to a total bonehead move on my part. I failed to think about the weather and we had stiff cold winds and passing showers all day, LOL. I ran to Home Depot and picked up a tarp to cover the patio above me. The rain was threatening to ruin my Chef Alarm and make controlling temp harder than it already was from the wind. Other than that little surprise everything went down how I hoped. Low and slow for about 10 hours and pulled it off right at 203 degrees internal. That Memphis rub smells amazing and gave a nice crunchy bark. I can hardly wait to get my charcoal grill. Thanks a bunch guys!


                            Gotta love wet weather. I had that happen with a cheap offset. Talk about suck the life out of that smoke chamber.


                              Welcome tom he Pit!



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