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Salutations from Bakersfield California.

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    Salutations from Bakersfield California.


    I'm James from Bakersfield California. Home of the "Bakersfield Sound" of country music.
    Buck Owens & Dwight Yoakam - "Streets of Bakersfield".

    My friend & roommate is the grillmaster of the two of us. I'm more of an Instant Pot person.
    But our summers are H.O.T. HOT! and don't want to be out in the backyard sweating to cook.
    We occasionally use an old Weber kettle I found at a Yard Sale, he foils up the kettle & occasionally grills.
    We live two minutes away from the best Meat Market / Butcher in town. Wood-Dale Market. Open since 1955.
    So we haven't been barbequing to our potential.

    A month or so ago, I was watching YouTube videos of two brothers who run a butcher shop in Ohio take apart Beef, Pork, etc.
    Somehow the algorithm wanted to show me something else and led me to the Slow 'N Sear. I got excited.
    A friend gifted each of us $50 & we pooled the money plus more for the Deluxe Gold Bundle.
    Then I noticed there was extra money in my account. Covid relief funds YAY! So I spent another $300 for their Kettle Grill to put the SnS in. Then we went a little crazy. Smoke X4 thermometer with remote unit, Billows blower to connect to it.
    Home Depot trip for Starter Chimney, grill brush, starter, lighter. I think we're almost a grand in, and haven't cooked anything yet.

    Then I find this website. "Here we go again..." I put the SNS grill together, while listening to the Audiobook version of Meathead's excellent book. Both of us are learning so much, and we're excited to have friends over again to entertain.

    We got our shots, and are ready to get back into this world. My friend wants to start with something easy. A chicken breast.
    I say, "Start off with a bang! Last-Meal Ribs or Bust!" I will eventually get those ribs, just gotta be patient.

    I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I'm watching & hopefully learning.

    Welcome from Maryland. You have come to the right place. Dave, a member here, designed and builds much of the equipment you mentioned.


      Welcome from TN. Just a word of caution - these guys will have you getting more than just a kettle. Guard yourself! You are going to love it here, and so will your butcher when you guys become regular customers, asking for their best cuts.


        Welcome from Colorado, James ...


          Welcome to the Pit from Dallas, Texas!


            Greetings and welcome from North Carolina.


              cello from the LBC!


                Welcome to the Pit! You've got two good cookers now with enough room for a wib party!


                  Welcome to The Pit James.


                    Welcome to the pit. I raised my family in Bakersfield as I worked in the oil industry (Getty->Texaco->Chevron) from 1980 to 2012. Now retired and enjoying the better weather down here in San Diego. It does get hot in Bakersfield.


                    • JamesWyatt
                      JamesWyatt commented
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                      My Grandfather & Dad ran Fraver Co. Inc. (Oil Tool Machine Shop) for decades.
                      I worked in the front office since the 90's till Dad sold it. Retirement!

                    Welcome to the pit from the bbq capital of New England, Massachusetts.


                    • JamesWyatt
                      JamesWyatt commented
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                      Years ago, my brother wanted Tri-Tip but lived in New Hampshire.
                      Nobody ever heard of it.
                      So we made a trade. We sent off a few Tri-Tips, and he sent off a few Live Lobsters.
                      Good Eats all around.

                    Howdy from "down south" in Altadena. Your MCS seems to off to a great start.....


                      Welcome from he Delta. Oh, and be afraid, you will get a lot of encouragement here.


                        Yes, Bang with the WIBS is a good & must choice! Welcome, eat good & have fun n’ enjoy the Wibs!


                          Welcome from Virginia!



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