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Chicago Eating Places

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    Chicago Eating Places

    I'm going to Chicago on Monday and am looking for some good eating places. Preferably a good Italian restaurant, also there is a Weber Grill Restaurant near my hotel, any one familiar with that?

    Where in the Chicago area are you staying? The Weber Grill restaurants are a chain with multiple locations in Chicagoland. Each location is consistent and the food is good. I think it has become expensive over the last couple of years.


      I'm staying downtown in the River North area.


        The Chicago Chop House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          These are my favorite Italian places downtown: http://volarerestaurant.com/ and https://www.piccolosognorestaurant.com/

          Volare is an easy walk from River North, Piccolo Sogno is a short cab ride.

          https://sites.google.com/site/tufanosrestaurant/ is my favorite spot in Little Italy. It is near the U of Illinois Chicago campus and a reasonable Uber/cab ride from River North. It is the oldest, most casual of the three.

          If you like Italian food, check out Eataly on Ohio St. It is Mario Batali's massive Italian market. Multiple restaurants inside. I've never eaten there but have purchased some things from their meat and cheese cases. Even if you don't buy/eat it is a fun place to walk through.

          Enjoy your visit here!


            If you decide on Tufano's, check to see if there is anything at the United Center that night. If so, it will be packed.


              Green Street Meats for some really good BBQ. Au Cheval for some really decent all American fare. Either is casual and generally there is not a long weekday wait.


                they say Smoque is good for BBQ I've never been though


                  Smoque is outstanding. They serve the only brisket I've had outside TX that tastes like TX brisket. Not an easy trip from where BloomHybrid is staying, though.



                    Would probably shy away from the Weber Grill - If you're looking for BBQ I definitely echo the thoughts on Green Street which is much closer than Smoque and IMHO a bit better than Smoque - more of a texas style - order by the 1/2 lb, they slice your brisket/ribs in front of you and put it on a tray. If you're looking for steak, I highly recommend Maple & Ash or Bavette's if you can get in, maybe if you're willing to eat early or late.

                    Italian in River North - definitely wander around Eataly if there's not one around where you're coming from - it's great - and the pasta/pizza spot on the 2nd floor has a killer lasagne and awesome cacio e pepe and the gelato is fantastic. Some other solid Italian spots in River North are Nonnina, Davanti Enoteca, and Spiaggia if you want to go high end.

                    You're staying in a great spot with countless choices and if you can't decide, go to the west loop and walk down Randolph street, pick a spot - you want be disappointed - probably one of the highest concentrations of awesome spots in the country.


                      drbisco, ditto on the West Loop. I am not familiar with Green St. Where in the city is it? I love Smoque; however, if you live up here you know it's not easy to get there.


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                        Green st smoked meats is right in the west loop. Just on a side street (green street) off of Randolph just a block or two west of halsted.

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                        Thanks, drbisco. We will check it out. The West Loop is much easier for us than Smoque.

                      Weber Grill is OK but not great. Best part of the restaurant is watching the guys cook on the huge Weber Ranch Kettles.


                        I actually like Weber Grill. But I kind of feel like it's for people who don't know how to cook on a Weber grill of their own.


                          Carlucci's in Rosemont is an outstanding Italian restaurant. Great food and even better service!


                            I might be too late, but I'll chime in, too. Food is always subjective (I'm a travel agent on the side, and I always give dining recommendations with a disclaimer that each person is different). That being said, there's some good information in here for the River North area. I tend to agree with most that the Weber Grill restaurants don't seem to live up to the hype. For a non-griller, the Kinzie Chop House is absolutely life-changing (at a hefty price). For those who like steak their own way, though, I think that some of the value is diminished. It's really good, there.

                            Italian? Well...this isn't exactly 100% Italian, but I have to include a recommendation for Chicago-style pizza. We're fans of Gino's East at Illinois and LaSalle. LOVE their pizza, and their beer selection is really good there, too, with several varieties brewed at that location.

                            Enjoy Chi-Town (GO CUBS GO!!)



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