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Episode 4 - Pizza On The Grill! Feat. Several Real Experts - August 2020

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    Episode 4 - Pizza On The Grill! Feat. Several Real Experts - August 2020

    We had a great turnout almost hitting the capacity of 100!
    Here are the links from our speakers

    Here is a link to the pizza section on AmazingRibs.com
    With a tour of pizza styles from around the world, dough recipes, tips on cooking pizza on the grill, grilled pizza (they’re not the same), sauce recipe, pizza on a kettle, kamado, gas grill, recommended ovens and tools, and more.


    From Brigit Binns, famous pizza expert, cooking school owner, and author of more than 30 cookbooks

    Article about her pizza classes, with a little video

    Her book “Pizza: And other savory pies” for Williams-Sonoma

    Her “Kissed By Fire” ebook w/ foreword by Peter Reinhart and testimonial by Meathead with lots of “wine-country” pizzas plus other stuff that can be cooked in the wood oven, produced by Forno Bravo pizza ovens

    Her latest book is: "Williams-Sonoma: Cooking in Season: 100 Recipes for Eating Fresh”

    Her Bed & Bottle, Refugio House is now open for stays of longer than 7 days. Check out this three-minute video of Refugio (I have stayed there and it is wonderful).

    From Rob D’Amico of Big Green Egg
    Our Pizza Page

    Pizza Recipes

    Open-Faced Spaghetti Pot Pie/Pizza

    The Grilling Show (Pizza Edition)

    How to Make Pizza on the Big Green Egg

    From David Joachim, Editor of AmazingRibs.com and DigestThis.news
    NYT just happened to publish on our topic this week

    The Mastering Pizza book I co-write with Mark Vetri

    Here’s the video on how to build a brick pizza oven for $50

    And the Neapolitan Pizza website
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    Meathead I attended last night's happy hour and of course it was Awesome (My internet connection was acting up... Frustrating.) As you may know, I'm a life long, Oak Parker, Berwynite, a 6 year stint in the City proper and for the past 20 years a Forest Parker.
    I have one issue that I have been wrestling with for many years. You know as well as I do that probably 90% of all Pizzeria pizzas eaten in the Whole of the Whole Chicago area are thin crust tavern (square) cut.

    The media and even our Beloved Amazing Ribs recognizes only Deep Dish as Chicago style pizza. I have been trying to dispel this myth for a long time. It ignores 90% of what everybody is eating. Anyway I have been studying, eating and making different styles of pizzas since I was 10. I'm curious if you have any thoughts on this subject.

    Great Happy Hour last night!!

    Brunetties on 31st used to be my favorite Pizza of all time.



    • coustyj
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      Lou Malnatis also makes an excellent thin crust pizza too.
      I prefer the thin crust and have them cook it a little longer for a good crunch
      Jim from Buffalo Grove, IL

    • davejoachim
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      Came across this video from America's Test Kitchen on how to make Chicago thin-crust pizza. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-NZ...ature=youtu.be

    • coustyj
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      Thanks for the link davejoachim I will have to try it.

    ...and a drafted appearance by yours truly, a very NON-expert but I brought bourbon.


      Note: When viewing the Happy Hours live, as they're happening, you can see "gallery view" which enables you to see split screen and see all panelists at once. The recorded version here is "speaker view" where the active speaker gets full screen.


      • Meathead
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        Yes, I think this is the way zoom recods. Dunno if there is a solution.

      If anyone asked questions during the PIZZA Happy Hour and we couldn't get to them, please ask them here, or in any of the other topics' posts if your questions are about them, and we'll get you some answers!


        Thanks Huskee
        I found the right spot to post thanks to your help I just would like everyone to know what a big help you guys and gals are if they listen and follow the steps and adapt from there every one has different tastes but you have to start somewhere

        Hi guys I watched and listened along with learning for the two hours Thank you all.
        But I digress -- I have made two fantastic pizzas since listening to the Pizza Zoom.I tried and succeeded with a few tips I learned.
        1. Even tough I roast my ingredients I did what was suggested and put the cheese on after sauce with all extras on top (bacon, Italian sausage, roasted garlic, sauteed onions, mushrooms, Greek olives, I also use 4 kinds of cheese
        2. I put bricks under my stone to raise it 1.5" And the out come both times was great the crust was NOT burned but crispy and the toppings were done to perfection.
        Unfortunately I ate it before picture sorry
        I DO thank you all for the great production with excellent tips and information and I look forward to the next one on Fish
        Jim C


          This was a great happy hour. I learned so much. I will revisit this happy hour often. I have tried making pizza on the grill many times. I have tried it on my Weber kettle using the kettle-pizza Pro. I’ve tried it in the pellet grill on pizza stones.The biggest problem has always been getting the pizza from the peel into the “oven” and on to the stone. The advice on the shimmy-shake with the peel and using corn meal was priceless.

          So I had added the pizza oven attachment to my Windwood 36, sidekick. This is my first attempt. The dough recipe provided by Camp Chef was pretty good. It made excellent Focaccia bread. I would prefer a NY style crust rather than the Artisan styled crust. I had trouble getting the oven temperature correct. This little oven can get 900-1000 degrees pretty quickly according to my laser thermometer. I’ll be running this play til I get it right.
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            I just got done watching the Pizza Happy Hour and it was wonderful and left me wanting more. Time flew by and the knowledge coming out of episode was as rich as some of sauces discussed. The format, interaction, references, and visuals were like ordering a Pizza Happy Hour with everything on it. If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch the Pizza Happy Hour make the effort you will not be able to (pizza) peel yourself away. Thank you to all involved.


              This is captioned! I am very happy so I can follow along now!


                Not sure if you've considered this already guys, but if you are on Zoom, they do provide an version of the call with a transcript in your email shortly after the call. But captioned YouTube also works.


                • Meathead
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                  Learning and Trying...

                • zero_credit
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                  It's really appreciated! I will try and catch up on the webcasts soon now.


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