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Audio Interview: Meet Ben Lang of Lang Smokers, by Jeff "JT The Cowboy Cook" Tracy

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    Audio Interview: Meet Ben Lang of Lang Smokers, by Jeff "JT The Cowboy Cook" Tracy

    Ben Lang makes famous stick burners, cookers that are designed to use logs. They turn our great flavors and they are affordable. Many top competition cooks use them. Here's a link to some we have reviewed https://amazingribs.com/equipment-re..._target_id=499

    Nice! Everyone knows these are legendary smokers. I was at a local BBQ spot last night. They were using Southern Pride smokers on the trailer, but they had a big lang running to pick up the slack, as it was really busy. They are built like tanks.

    Interesting story about how he got into making smokers. I always wonder what the BBQ tasted like back in the day. Was it similar to what we have now? Or was it different. He mentions that his grandfather and father would sell BBQ out of an old wagon, so I wonder how differently it would taste.

    I would say that he has built one hell of a business over the years. You see them quite often in the media, even. I know They made a bunch of custom smokers for the Ryder Cup when it was at Hazeltine National. The US team demanded having Langs to cook BBQ on for the US team. All the captain got one too. My brother is member there and I was able to go over and check them out. Ben Lang was there but I didn't get the opportunity to meet him. They had the Ryder Cup logo laser cut onto the smoker! Really cool.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	LangBBQSmokers-Customized-for-Ryder-Cup-banner.jpg Views:	1 Size:	215.5 KB ID:	688500

    Also interesting how he came up with the griddle plate under the cooking grate. The vaporizing water and grease dripping onto the pan helps to flavor the meat. I guess somewhat similar to what the PBC does while cooking.

    The reverse flow aspect of Lang's is something that has always interested me. He mentions that is makes the smoker run more efficiently, but it sounds like because that is because there is that much more still to hold heat. I have heard that they are more even across the cooking grate, when compared to others.

    The ease of cleaning is nice to know as well. So many pits stay dirty and it can really effect your food, as Ben mentions. When I am done cooking on my KBQ I clean it out completely. I like the fact that he makes a point to make his pits easy to clean out.

    It is always good to hear that they source their steel from the US and manufacture their products here in the US as well. And it sounds like Been plans to keep that going into the future, that is always good to hear.

    This was an interesting insight into the business. Ben seems like a really good guy. I know he makes and great product.

    Thanks for the post!


      For perspective only: I know someone with a Lang (reverse flow) who has 50 deg variances from side to sides same as a standard flow can. That said, he's a super guy, and yes, he's built one heckuva business!


        Originally posted by Huskee View Post
        For perspective only: I know someone with a Lang (reverse flow) who has 50 deg variances from side to sides same as a standard flow can. That said, he's a super guy, and yes, he's built one heckuva business!
        Exactly, I applaud anyone who starts a business and flourishes. I see first hand just a fraction of what it takes and Holy Cow it ain't for me. Someone else can make all that $$$.


          Question for anyone.
          Been smoking successfully with charcoal and wood for several years.

          Been contemplating trying my hand at a stick burner but the good ones are a lot Of money and I know the time and effort to cook with all wood is Much more than what I’m currently used to.

          For those who are experienced with both, is the taste That much better with all wood than with my current charcoal + wood chunks.

          I’ve been using a Weber Summit.

          Thanks to all who answer


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            Yes. The best smoked meats I have ever had come from a log cooker. But beware: They require tending and careful watching.

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            Welcome to The Pit.


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