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Learning this souuie sooouuie sous vide thing on pulled pork

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  • Nuke em
    Club Member
    • Jun 2016
    • 746
    • Nj

    Learning this souuie sooouuie sous vide thing on pulled pork

    Had the pleasure of doing another event this past weekend. With my tests with the new sous vide I decided to gamble with my reputation on the line (it’s either gonna wow the public or its gonna fail and I’ll lose customers on the food trailer). Might as well do it now instead of later I thought.
    Instead of straight smoking the pulled pork and also the chicken, I decided to svq them according to my previous tests.
    I was looking at the joule app temps and one temp was to take it to 176. My tests a few weeks ago I took it to 167 per recommendation. Did all the steps as before but instead of shocking it after the smoke, I maintained the safe holding temp and took to the event. Same with the chicken. The brisket I did not sv and I smoked my normal way.
    I Get set up at the event and had my old neighbor who I help with her bulk trash (previous write up on sv brisket) help sell. It was her first time (she has been on of my taste testers thruout the years) and wanted to help out and experience the thrill of sell off a food trailer.
    At 10 am the event started which had 9 other food trucks. I knew I would do good since my items were fresh not frozen and deep fried and my food smell lofted the area where as the other trucks were pretty much basic vending food. The event ran till 6 pm.
    I admit I was nervous about doing this sv to my pork and chicken. Did I make the right call I wonder?
    I have gotten to the point where i can actually make people order what you want them to eat. Sounds strange but true. All ya do when ya have a line of customers and they are all ordering the same thing (say they are all ordering pulled pork instead of chicken) all ya do is offer a sample of chicken to a person at the counter and ask em what they think. The taste it, rave about it in front of the other people in line, then bam, almost everyone in line then wants the chicken). That’s so cool and it blows my mind. So I was playing and switched it up like that thru the event.
    Ive also have learned that you get that one guy who thinks he is the expert on bbq (I know and trust only a very few and consider Meathead to be one of em.)
    he is the one who talks the loudest in line and likes to brag about things. Well got one of those that day also.
    “Texas bbq?” he says when he gets to the front after standing in line. “Texans don’t know how to bbq pork” he yells. My ears perk up and my Texas pride swells up my chest. The guy starts to raze me about how Texans can cook beef but not pork.
    Me being me and knowing I have to leave my wild younger years behind decided to put a little Texas two step of words in his head.
    Well sir maybe ya didn’t have the right kind of Texas bbq like mine I replied. Now I don’t brag, I just let the food do my talking but something about this whipper snapper made me. I tell him that I have some of the best bbq around this territory. (Also forgot to mention that the other food trailers were selling pulled pork also. Found that out after the event)
    when all this was happening, there was a line of people so I had to play it right. Well the guy says Texans can do beef just not pork.
    Well sir ya haven’t tried my ribs or my pulled pork yet have ya? I reckon ya need ta pull the reins back a little and try it before ya run yer horse off a cliff was my response. Got quite a few chuckles in the line of people behind him.
    His reply was “well let me have a pork sandwich”. So I serve the gentleman up a sandwich and take his money and send him down over to the homemade sauces which he does and he stands towards the back off to the side and starts to eat it. In the mean time I serve up another few customers.
    Well now it’s my turn. I turn ya him and yell at him. Well whatcha think. Does it pass you taste test?
    “Damn he yells over the line of people. Best tasting pork sandwich ever” was his response.
    Whhhheeewwww! Was my response in my head. Maybe this sv thingy will do me good as I had a smile and a satisfying feeling in my head. Strange, everybody in line at that point wanted pulled pork for some reason. Go figure.
    I sold out of food in only 4 hours. Couldn’t believe it My neighbor couldn’t either. She keep telling me we had the longest and fastest line. I couldn’t look up cause I was to busy loading plates but she could look up and down the trucks and see it happing. After I sold out, I had to sit and wait cause I was blocked in which was fine cause then I could rest. I could only sell water and soda pop the rest of the day which was find. That was 40 lbs of pork and 60 lbs of brisket and 20 lbs of chicken.
    I give a lot of this credit to all of the people on this site with the input and ideas that have been passed around from member to member and to @meathed. I can’t thank y’all enough to making a thought and dream come true.
    I get up the next day and check my Facebook account and this is what I saw
    Click image for larger version

Name:	D059FA24-B3E8-4A45-B8C8-FBEC70EADDC2.jpeg
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ID:	722356 bam drop the mike, exit stage right and off and riding into the sunset....

  • Polarbear777
    Club Member
    • Sep 2016
    • 1621

    You must feel like a superhero.

    Great story. Thanks for for taking us along.


    • Potkettleblack
      Club Member
      • Jun 2016
      • 1942
      • Beautiful Downtown Berwyn
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      Congrats. Converting a moron is a special pleasure, innit.


      • grantgallagher
        Club Member
        • Feb 2018
        • 953
        • NJ

        Hahaha. Great story. So if i read right, the pulled pork had no smoke on it whatever? Any kinda rub or just salt and let the customers sauce?


        • Dewesq55
          Dewesq55 commented
          Editing a comment
          I don't think that's correct. He did a "SVQ" which implies a short(er) smoke followed by SV to completion. But I could be wrong.

        • grantgallagher
          grantgallagher commented
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          Ahh yes. Missed the svq part. Thank you!

        • Nuke em
          Nuke em commented
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          No I sous vide it on wed into thurs then shocked it and put in the fridge. Am Saturday430 am I pulled em out and smoke em back up to temp and held for serving. That makes a smoke ring and some bark. Not as much as smoking all the way without sous vide but with it being wet and cold, the smoke sticks pretty well. Just not a meteor liking dark
      • Meathead
        BBQ Whisperer, Mythbuster
        • May 2014
        • 1264
        • Chicago area
        • Remember, no rules in the bedroom or kitchen

        GREAT story! Thanks!


        • ofelles
          Club Member
          • Jun 2018
          • 1682
          • Brentwood CA
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          Great story. Better than paid advertising!


          • Troutman
            Club Member
            • Aug 2017
            • 7105
            • Republic of Texallence

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            You should have told him that was cooked SVQ, that would have really blown his mind !! Nice job, so glad to hear a member succeeding in wowing the peeps !!!


            • Nuke em
              Club Member
              • Jun 2016
              • 746
              • Nj

              Personally, I think it is better at a lower temp of 165 instead of 176. But that’s another story. Still experimenting.
              i don’t reckon he even knows what that is. I know I didn’t a few years back.
              Now it’s onto the next adventure of national night out for 4500 people. Stay tuned


              • Troutman
                Troutman commented
                Editing a comment
                Agree, I like lessor for longer

              • Nuke em
                Nuke em commented
                Editing a comment
                Yeah I was thinking (ouch), is I took it higher, then when I smoked it I could get it in the smoker for a little longer, thus making more of a bark.
                At 145 how long should it be? But when I’m serving to the public, I have to to hold above 140 ( which it is) but the health dept (when they do on the spot inspections like to see the holding temps around 155). The closer to the danger zone, the more Inspections.
                I like to keep a hold around 165-170 range in my hot box for all the types of meat.

              • Potkettleblack
                Potkettleblack commented
                Editing a comment
                145x48 should do the trick. Maybe 36.
                Health inspectors probably don't care about time/temp kill curves, so maybe not.

                The lower you go, the less moisture gets squeezed out. Also, you get a bit more smoke adherence/penetration during the Q step, at least according to folks in more dedicated SV groups.
            • klflowers
              Club Member
              • Sep 2015
              • 2934
              • Tennessee

              Great story. Keep up the good work, brother...


              • fzxdoc
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                • Jul 2014
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                Yay! I'm so happy to hear that it all turned out so well for you, Nuke em . Selling out of 120 lbs of meat in 4 hours is pretty impressive. Looks like you've got a good handle on the SVQ method. Congrats!



                • hogdog6
                  Charter Member
                  • Dec 2014
                  • 557
                  • Liberty, Utah

                  Love the story keep us posted for sure




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                  Join us in Memphis for our Meat-Up! Space is limited to 400, secure your spot by booking early!
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