I'm planning on using Sous-Vide-Que (as an old military guy everything important has to have an acronym so should it be SVQ or SV-Q?) to cook beef ribs (aka-short plate/short ribs). I've searched around and haven't found a consistent recommendation for using the SV-Q method on beef ribs. So time to call on The Pit team.

I'm dry brining the ribs before putting them in the SV and chilling them in an ice bath/refrigerator when they come out of the SV.

1) What temp to use in the SV? I'm looking for more of a brisket texture than a braised/fall of the bone texture (aka Texas-Style Dino Ribs).
2) How long in the Hot Tub Time Machine (back on the acronym train, should this be HTTM?) using the temp from question 1?
3) After fully chilling the ribs and covering them with rub, should 225 be the smoker temp to finish the ribs? Is a higher temp better since the ribs have been SV'd and all you're looking to do is put smoke and a bark on the ribs while bringing them up to temp?
4) What internal temp do you pull the ribs off before wrapping in butcher paper and heading to the faux cambro?
5) How long do they hang out in the faux cambro?

Thanks in advance for the recommendations!