First off, thanks to David Parrish for creating a separate sous vide channel. Anyway, I did this once already and it came out surprisingly good so I'm trying it a gain with a tweak or 2.

Souse vide Spare Rib Tips in Spicy Black Bean Sauce. I always have loads of rib tips vac-packed in my freezer as a result of buying full spare ribs and trimming them down to SLCs. I have been making this dish in the "traditional" way for about 30-40 years. But I haven't always loved the texture. So, on a whim I decided to incorporate sous vide to the process. I chunk up a pound or 2 of rib tips and brown them briefly in the wok with several cloves of crushed garlic and a few teaspoons of grated ginger. I cool them a bit then put everything from the wok - oil, rib tips and garlic - in a gallon foodsaver bag and vac seal it. I then cook in the water bath at 140ºF for 8 hours. I then pull them out and keep them in the bag while I do the rest. I cube up a medium to large green bell pepper and vac seal them with some oil. I sous vide them for 20 minutes (longer starts to lose the bright green color). I remove the bag and plunge it into an ice water bath to shock the peppers and set the color. Next I take a large onion and cut it into about 1" or slightly larger squares and separate the layers. I put some oil in the wok and very briefly stir fry the onions. I just want them warmed and starting to cook, but don't want them very soft. I pull them out. I then stir fry a couple of cloves of finely chopped garlic for a few seconds in the wok and add my sauce incredients. Get it boiling and thicken with a cornstarch slurry. I then put the ribs, peppers and onions in and stir fry to coat with the sauce and heat through and then serve. This is a lot of steps but it lets everything cook to its own right doneness and then get it all done together. Picks later when it's done.