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Sunday Spares

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    Sunday Spares

    Cooked a couple slabs of spares today. Trimmed and pulled membrane last night, and dry brined. Today rubbed with PGO, then one with MMD and one with John Henry Pig Rub. Finished with Q39 Zesty sauce. I probably should have rotated them more since the firebox end of my cooker runs lower temp than the exhaust end. I don't think I can fit them on laying across the width, maybe diagonally. I also probably applied sauce to the earlier slab a little early. Live and learn ...

    Click image for larger version

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    I just position the thicker ends on the hotter side. Great looking cook!


    • tedsalt
      tedsalt commented
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      Thanks! I tried that but probing towards the end had me second guessing due to differences in meat temps.

    Ribs, stab and slab, smoke and sauce. Looking good.
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    • Jerod Broussard
      Jerod Broussard commented
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      Your profile pic is killin' me!!

    • bbqLuv
      bbqLuv commented
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      Thank you.

    Well, the results look great.


      Wow, those ribs look great. How did they turn out? Overcooked/undercooked, too salty, not salty enough, bland, etc.


      • tedsalt
        tedsalt commented
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        It seems like they turned out pretty well. The Mrs said she loved them. I may be my own worst critic, but I thought I've cooked better. I don't cook pork or ribs very much, usually beef. I think I may have to look closer at my rubs. The last time I think I cooked ribs was a couple of years ago, on a UDS with a rib rack. I thought those turned out great. I'll have to see if I can figure out what rubs I used back then. I need to cook ribs more often

      • TripleB
        TripleB commented
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        tedsalt - Yes, we are our own worst critics, but that's the way it should be. We know what is good, average and bad. I keep a journal on all my cooks and it took me about 10 years to really get ribs the way I want them. What rubs, sauces, wood, smokers, etc. Kept playing around. I did ribs yesterday and will do a write up on it. Drive on!!

      • tedsalt
        tedsalt commented
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        The journal idea is great! Thanks for the tip! So I've now started keeping notes, and I picked up some rubs that I probably used last time.

      Looks great!


        I don't know. By the looks of things you didn't do anything wrong. They look terrific.


          Yup, those ribs look real good 👌👌👌


            looks good to me, sometimes we are our own worst critic


              From the pictures they are an A+


                Yes, those ribs look excellent.



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