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Chicago-style Deep Dish "Pizza" - not on grill

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    Chicago-style Deep Dish "Pizza" - not on grill

    I recently tried the "Malnati Deep Dish with 15% Semolina" recipe posted by BTB on the pizzamaking.com website (thanks for turning me onto this Barry) with a few minor modifications. I cooked it in the oven, but next time I will try my gas grill or Weber. Growing up near NYC, this is not something I would call a "pizza". However, I really like these deep dish pies!

    Makes one pie in a 9" round by ~1.5" high right angle pie pan

    Dough Ingredients:
    King Arthur All Purpose Flour (KAAP) 162g
    Water 92g
    Active dry yeast(ADY) 1/3tsp
    Salt 1/4tsp
    Olive oil 10g
    Corn oil 34g
    Butter 2g
    Bob's Red Mill Semolina 29g
    Total ~ 356g

    1. Mix semolina, salt, KAAP (withold 1/4 cup) in a bowl.
    2. Add water proofed with ADY (115 degrees, ~15min), mix, cover 30 minutes
    3. Add rest of KAAP, oils, and butter (melted/cooled). Knead by hand for ~1min.
    4. Put in ziplock, overnight.
    5. warmed dough up 2hr. Heated oven to 475.
    6. coated pie pan with crisco.
    7. flattened dough and pushed up sides of pan to thin edges (kind of crimped).
    8. Bottom layer of sliced mozzarella, then provolone
    9. Layer of hot/sweet Johnsonville sauage (~1 lb) formed into patty.
    10. Layer sliced deli style pepperoni
    11. thick layer of homemade sauce (also from pizzamaking.com, recipe to follow)
    12. Grated Grana Padano
    13. Reduced oven temp to 450, turned on convection, baked ~27min.

    Muir Glen brand crushed tomatoes with basil - drained
    No exact measurements -sorry
    Oregano, thyme, pepper, ginger, garlic powder, onion powder, salt to taste
    Squeeze of honey

    Click image for larger version

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    Wonderful Pizza! Knob Creek always a good choice too!


      Nice looking pie!!




          That is a great looking "Meat Lovers" Pie W.A.!! Don't you like that KAAP.


          • W.A.
            W.A. commented
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            I've used it for years for pizza dough. I'm now experiementing with increasing gluten levels for a New York style pizza. You can do this by adding wheat gluten or using higher gluten bread flour plus a little more gluten. King Arthur actually makes a high gluten flour, but have only seen it online.

          Looks tasty W.A., but I agree it's not "pizza" :-)


          • W.A.
            W.A. commented
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            Yup, but I certainly like it. I think Italians might not believe the foldable slices we eat in NY are pizza either! Not wanting to disrespect Chicagoans (I'll be there on Tuesday).

          That looks delicious, thank you for sharing the recipe and the link.


            I'd call it pizza, lol. looks good to me.


            • W.A.
              W.A. commented
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              It was awesome. The sauce is the best. More meat than I could get on a normal "pizza" without making a disaster on the stone. Probably easy to make on a grill with indirect.

            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              @W.A I'd be tempted to add another layer of cheese on top though. I'm a cheese freak.

            that looks amazing, how was that dough?


            • W.A.
              W.A. commented
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              This dough recipe is excellent. I think the semolina adds a nice texture. There are numerous variations listed on the pizzamaking.com forum. I did some reading and chose this one.

            LOL!! W.A. just threw a subliminal jab at Chicago "pizza".


              Ima big fan of Lou Malnati's ... you can get one FedEx'd to you overnight (par baked). But i might just have to try this out before i drop the dime on next day air. and yes... Like Huskee said. MORE CHEESE PLEASE!


              • W.A.
                W.A. commented
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                This is easy. I bought a digital scale, but the website has volume measurements too. I repeated it without overnight resting in the fridge. Came out the same. There is actually a lot of cheese on the bottom, perhaps more than I listed there.

              Nicely done! Chef Ryan and I have been fiddling with the same approach on the grill and on the egg...


              • W.A.
                W.A. commented
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                Thanks Meathead! My next step is on my weber gasser this weekend, or perhaps the PBC.


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