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Stuffed jalapeño recipe...

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    Stuffed jalapeño recipe...

    Sometimes you stumble on to a recipe that just needs to be shared. I haven't tried this yet but it made my mouth water just reading the recipe.


    Sounds good! I'd do 'em on the grill though.


    • Breadhead
      Breadhead commented
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      On the grill... Yes of course. All of us will do it outdoors I assumed. Most new recipes I find I always think how I would pull that off in my BGE.

    • DWCowles
      DWCowles commented
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      I'll do them in the smoker

    I found this recipe for stuffed japs a while ago:

    I liked the whole pepper appearance and the use of cardboard egg cartons to the the stuffed peppers upright. I will say they were pretty hot the firs time but the next time I did them, I cut out the veins the best I could.

    The recipe is towards the bottom of the article
    When you're firing up the grill or smoker this long holiday weekend, we offer a few new - and unusual - concoctions to add to your tried-and-true standards.


    • CurlingDog
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      when checking JSOnline, browse Incognito, as this site will limit your views to 5 before it locks you out and asks you to subscribe.

    I cut the jalapinos like that, clean em out, mix cream cheese, Mexican shredded cheese, some of the pepper insides (make em hot). Put the cheese mix in the pepper, put a little smoky sausage on top & wrap a thin bacon strip around the whole stuffed pepper. Gets its name...Atomic Buffalo Turd.


      I'd skip the jalapenos and go for anaheim or poblano peppers. Larger and milder.


      • Spinaker
        Spinaker commented
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        how much cream cheese do you go through to fill a bunch of Poblanos and Anaheims?!?! Ernest

      Originally posted by Ernest View Post
      I'd skip the jalapenos and go for anaheim or poblano peppers. Larger and milder.
      Ernest MILDER! You wimp 😀


        HAHAHA DWCowles I'm not a fan of heat heat!!


          4 Rivers Smokehouse (11 locations in Florida) sells smoked bacon wrapped jalapenos as a side dish. Instead of upright with the stems cut off, 4 Rivers slits the peppers ("+" cut) down the side, seeds scooped out, stuffed with a cream cheese/garlic/cilantro/shredded mex-cheddar cheese, wrapped with 1/2 slice of bacon over the slit, then slow smoked until the bacon turns crispy. I plagiarized their recipe, started bringing these to pot luck picnics, but the average wimp Florida blue hair can only handle spicy food with less than a 3-digit Scoville rating. Substituted Pero Family Farms Mini Sweet Peppers (small, mild, red & yellow) for jalapenos, but had to use a toothpick to hold the bacon on the irregularly shaped peppers. Soak toothpicks in water for several hours first. Slow cook over very indirect heat on charcoal, turning every 30 minutes or so, until bacon is well done These also come out good on a gas grill using wood chips, 250-275 deg for ~2 hours, but you must use an aluminum pan or aluminum foil tray to catch all the bacon grease unless you enjoy a raging inferno. Use 1 oz cream cheese mix per pepper - do not over fill. Bone appetit!
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            I like blending finely chopped dried pineapple and cream cheese.


              I've made something similar before as an app on thanksgiving day. They were the bomb. Everyone scarfed them up!


                I do somethin similar, but theres a little more to mine. I saw an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives where this place had a dish called Armadillo Eggs -cooked ground sausage & rice rolled into balls then batter dipped 7 fried. I went to go look for a recipe & found "cheese stuffed, sausage wrapped jalapenos" which used JimmyDean sausage. My Italian roots would not allow this travesty, so I doctored the ingredient list. The 1st time I made them I was also making stuffed mushrooms, in which I use imitation crabmeat... So here's my version, with notes, give 'em a try.. I havent met a person who doesnt like them.....

                12 medium-large jalapenos
                1 package cream cheese(softened)
                2 cups shredded cheddar blend or queso or both
                Minced garlic –either fresh or jarred
                1 package imitation crab meat, medium chopped -or real if you prefer
                4lbs ground Italian sausage â€"hot or sweet, or both â€"HarrisTeeter makes decent sausage, not a fan of Johnsonville
                Optional: salt&pepper, cilantro, your favorite spice blend, queso cheese

                Cut stems off jalapenos & slice lengthwise, remove seeds. –I like to leave some seeds, especially if Im using all sweet sausage.
                Mix cream cheese, garlic, shredded cheese, crab & any spices until well blended –add some queso cheese for the extra creamy
                Spoon or finger cheese mixture into Jalapenos halves –I don’t overstuff, but give a nice nickel/quarter radius
                Prep sausage –add more garlic/mix if youre using both hot & sweet, then portion off enough to cover all your Jalapy’s. I usually ball up what Im portioning, then I can pull off the bigger ones & add to smaller if I need..
                Flatten out sausage portion in 1 hand, add stuffed jalapy & wrap with sausage. Make sure you cover the entire Jalapy, don’t want the filling to get lost.
                Cook on a med-low temperature, 300ish, about 40mins, make sure the sausage is completely cooked. If grilling, use indirect heat & keep covered.
                ….The spicier ones from Sunday were a 50/50 mix of hot & sweet sausage.. I have found that 1lb of ground sausage is about enough to do 6 jalapeno halves... A mix of 2lb sweet & 1lb hot sausage is damn near perfect, enough heat but not overpowering....
                Obviously Im not much on exact measurements. Please feel free to adjust any quantities, including cooking temp & time, to suit you…


                  Originally posted by j2sgam View Post
                  I have found that 1lb of ground sausage is about enough to do 6 jalapeno halves...
                  1 lb of sausage for 3 jalapeños?


                    Originally posted by Dr ROK View Post

                    1 lb of sausage for 3 jalapeños?
                    Yep, that too... 6 of 1, 3 jalapies of another......

                    I grab a wad(?) of sausage & flatten it to cover my hand, thin enough so there aren't any holes, place the already stuffed pepper in the meat, close around pepper & remove any excess, repeat... I've tested my theory, used 4lbs of sausage to wrap a dozen peppers or 24 Poopies. But just to be sure, I'll pickup 3 peppers & 1lb this weekend, will post Monday to verify quantity...



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