Roasted red pepper spread. I received a grilling cookbook at a couple's shower preceding my wedding. It had a recipe for roasted red pepper spread. It's simple but absolutely delicious. I have made it more times than I can even count (I am not joking) over the last 18 years. This is what it consists of:

2 red bell peppers (roasted)
2 6.5" jars of sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil
2-3 (I use 3) chipotle adobo and some of the adobo sauce
1/4 cup olive oil - The jars of sun dried tomatoes have approximately the right amount - Just dump all of the contents of the jars into the food processor

The first step is to roast the red bell peppers and I do it thoroughly as the goal is to remove the skin. Here is what it looked like:

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Once they come off the grill (or they can be done in the oven under the broiler) I place them into a brown lunch bag and give it a couple of vigorous shakes. I let the peppers cool (about 1/2 hr) and then remove the stems, seeds and skin, tear them into chunks and toss them into the food processor. I throw in the sun dried tomatoes and have found that the amount of olive oil in the 2 jars is sufficient so I just dump the whole jar into the processor and omit the olive oil ingredient. Then I add the chipotles and adobo sauce and puree thoroughly. It's consistency is like a grainy mayonnaise. It's ALWAYS a huge hit and can be served with garlic bread if you wish but I prefer them with New York Bagel Chips. Just dip them right in like you would with potato chips and French onion dip. This is what the spread looks like when it's finished:

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If you can't find 6.5 oz jars of sun dried tomatoes and thus you won't be able to exactly match the proportions in the recipes, it's OK to use more sun dried tomatoes (and chipotle) than the recipe calls for.