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Paqui One Chip Challenge

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    -Maybe in my younger days I would have given it a go. Today I would give it a HARD pass.
    -With that said I do not see how it could be hotter than this small red pepper (looked like a maraschino cherry) that was sitting on the plate of a meal I ordered in Pattaya Beach Thailand in the early 80's. I plopped that little guy in my yap and it was a life altering event. Nothing I mean nothing put that fire out. Trust me I tried milk, and in those days I was still drinking and had copious quantities of Singha both green and brown bottle to no avail.
    - I actually think you could have dropped one of those little red balls of sheer heat into a bucket of water and it would have started to boil the water.
    - Four days later when we got underway Navy chow even tasted good, no longer needed hot sauce to chase the food down.


      Well...Maybe grind up as fine as possible and sprinkle a tiny bit on something for super hot seasoning. I think to eat it whole like that is disrespectful to the pepper. As we all know there are at least a few million Scoville units in one of those chips. To me it would be like doing the Tide Pod challenge.


        I ski up at Sunday River. They used to have a Ghost Pepper Wing Challenge in the Foggy Goggle bar. 12 Ghost Pepper Wings in 30 minutes and you get a T-shirt and your picture on the wall. I never tried it but enjoyed watching other guys try. They'd eat one or two no big deal. Then the heat would kick in. You could see it happening. And it was bad. Eyes swelled shut, snot running out of people's noses, drooling, puking...good times. They would run outside and bury their faces in the snow or break off an icicle and chew it up.

        Only saw one guy finish it. Big heavy guy way over 300. Merely broke a slight sweat. Finished his then ate the rest of his friend's. Was amazing.


          “Eyes swelled shut, snot running out of people's noses, drooling, puking...good times.”

          That got me. Reminds me of other bad decisions I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. 👍


            I like the idea of crushing the chip up and using it as a seasoning. Thing is, people in videos talk about how nasty the chip tastes. Those of us who like spicy foods like to taste the pepper itself before tasting the heat that comes on. Apparently there's no pepper flavor in the One Chip Challenge. One guy said it tasted like hot asphalt on a July day. Not very appealing.

            Anyway, I've decided to pass on giving the Challenge a try. My son in law has one too and we were going to try a small bite of ours together, but now I'm thinking that not even that is worth it if the taste is so bad and the heat is so overwhelming.



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              I would not recommend using it as a flavoring device.

              If you are interested in a spicy but tasty chip, Paqui makes a Haunted Ghost Pepper chip that is sold in supermarkets and comes in normal size bag (like a bag of doritos). I think that chip is really good and pretty spicy, but in a more normal way. I could eat a handful of those chips but my wife freaked out at half of one.

            2 Guys at work here did it as a challenge.... I was prepared to hose them down. It is every bit as bad as the vids and then some. as earlier poster said it does not go away kindly either.



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