Finally got try out my new DOT. Kept it simple, with just a NY Strip and asparagus, both coated in salt, pepper, and olive oil on the Jumbo Joe. This was also my firsy try at a reverse sear. What I've learned tonight: The DOT is great and my steak came out a perfect medium like I like it. I think I need to be a little less stingy on the charcoal, even if it's just for one steak. It came up to temperature steadily on the cool side but it just wasn't hot enough to get a good sear once I moved it to the hot side. (The asparagus didn't sear either) I also learned a little hickory goes a long way. It wasn't too much, but it almost was. I used chips and sprinkled a few at a time directly on the coals and once the smoke died down, I added a few more. I'm already looking forward to the next run!