With each little tidbit I learn, I am getting to experiment with technique, or control of my cook. Something I am enjoying is the idea of How do you stop a cook. Not necessarily a butt, or a brisket, but, I guess they would qualify. But, things like I will be doing a 10 lb leg of lamb, I want Maillard, it has become an addiction to figure out how to manipulate that, but, a slow cook on a leg, I will not be able to take it from indirect to direct (or so I think), to get a good finish sear, and then not go past. I am hoping to pull it at 100 IT , although I am struggling with that number, thinking 95IT might be more forgiving and then once it has stopped (hoping at 110 that would give me enough time to get a good finish on it). But, a leg, is not going to climb like a more dense cut, but, a 3 inch t bone when pulled at 95, raised to 110, then stopped, (un-covered). So, a leg, is going to hold heat as well. I want to master stopping a cook, so, I am prepared to start it up, and then not fight with as much climb. I have long thought that the real trick to gymnastics (I know, not on topic), but, the trick to being great, was not your flips, etc, but your ability whether on bars, or floor, to go from full on all out gymnastic moves to exact and complete controlled "stops" in movement. To me, it keeps your meat on a single task. But, any tips or findings you have found in any various cook, and your experience in stopping it, before changing it's direction. I know if Maillard did not matter to me so much right now, I could easily just roll over to my hot side and be happy with what I get, and there is probably merit to that as well.