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Goat ribs anyone?

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    Goat ribs anyone?

    Hi, Folks.
    We're having a party in a few weeks and some of our friends are Muslim and eat only Halal meat. I thought this would be a good chance to try out some goat ribs on my PBC. Has anyone done this? I hear goat is very lean and easy to dry out. I'm hoping to gain some wisdom here.


    I've never seen got ribs in a store, I'd have tried them already. I've had goat stew before, similar in taste to lamb.


      Ok, I've arranged for the ribs with a local Halal butcher. They butcher goats four days a week and will have everything I need ready and waiting if I call the day before. I'm going to do two racks, which average between two and three pounds each. I'll marinate overnight in yogurt and spices then hang in the PBC. The butcher and a random customer in the shop both thought that this would be a very traditional preparation similar to using a tandor and should turn out just fine. I'm really looking forward to this cook.

      There are a number of online sources for frozen goat ribs, but not Halal. I can post the info here if anyone is interested.

      I'm also doing a turkey (most likely this weekend) and bluefish (my personal favorite) in advance so that day isn't too crazy.

      Fingers crossed.


        I cooked a goat a few months back in my home made caja-china, which I think works very similarly to the PBC - low airflow, lots of 'trapped' moist air - and it turned out really well. I was VERY skeptical, then blown away by the results.

        I've had goat either as traditional Mexican cabrito - slow grilled over low coals - or in curries / braised / stews of various forms or fashions. That was my first time for cooking a whole goat simply prepared and it tasted like a very mild lamb. Lovely.

        I would also try getting a foreleg / shoulder (forequarter cut) or the hind leg with chump on. I think that these would hang well in the PBC, have a lot more meat on them, and taken up in temp will be pullable (from memory I got the meat to around the 200F mark). The ribs are long and finger like with little flesh, so might not be sufficient. One of the prized cabrito cuts includes the kidney, but that might not be available Halal (offal may be Haram - it's certainly treif (non-kosher).

        Here is a great article on cabrito: http://www.tmbbq.com/cabrito-in-south-texas/

        I would also go really light on the smoke.

        Hope that helps! I think it will work really well in PBC. Love to see the results!

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          If you haven't already, I suggest you tell your friends how you intend to prepare the goat so you don't accidentally violate the Law


            We discussed the preparation at length, and they're really looking forward to it. The entire butcher shop is Halal-only and they use as much of the animals as possible. First time in a while I've seen brain in the meat case.

            The party is timed to coincide with our small-town Christmas parade. I'll be cooking for Halal, Kosher (which, ironically, is also suitable for Halal), and vegetarian. I'll forego pork on this one occasion. So it's goat ribs, a small brisket, turkey, and smoked bluefish. I'm cooking everything except the ribs in advance so I can reheat only what I need, as I'm not sure how many will actually be here. The bluefish I serve cold with crackers.

            Interestingly enough, I had to alter my bluefish dry brine slightly to use a soy sauce without alcohol to be Halal. I never knew some brands of soy sauce contained alcohol. I'll also be finishing the brisket with un-fermented cider rather than the Harpoon hard cider I typically use.

            The way I figure, if my son's Muslim friends can come to a Christmas Parade party, I can cook Halal.


              Kosher is suitable for halal, but not vice versa. For example, the yogurt marinade is okay for halal, but it isn't generally considered kosher, as it mixes meat and dairy.


                Keith, you make a very good point about the yogurt, so I'll have to put those on another table when I serve. I also just found a true Kosher butcher and deli close by (they claim to be the only one north of Boston and south of Montreal). At the very least I'm finding a whole new set of possibilities for future cooks. I'll have to add them to the resources pages just in case there are other North Shore folks on the boards.

                One week to go!


                  The party has come and gone and I've finally got a chance to sit and consider the results. With the parade being on the last Saturday before Christmas we had only about half as many folks as I'd planned for...Lots of really good leftovers!

                  The "grilled" portion of the menu consisted of pulled turkey (pic under the spatchcock discussion), brisket (no pics, no time), goat ribs, and grilled marinated veggies and tofu. Both the brisket and turkey were done ahead of time; the turkey was shredded and frozen, the brisket cooled, sliced, doused in apple cider, and foil wrapped for reheating. Both the goat and veggies were done the day of, with the goat on the PBC, the veggies on the Weber gasser.

                  There were three racks of goat, with the loin and backbone left in (the backbone would come back to haunt me). The night before I coated the meat with a yogurt marinade consisting of 24 oz of lactose-free yogurt and enough Garam Masala and ground ginger (forgot to buy fresh) until it tasted right to me.

                  The day of I fired up the PBC with Kingsford Original via chimney and newspaper, rinsed the yogurt off the ribs, and started the cook just after noon. Ambient temp was just under 30F. I checked back around 4 and they were getting close, and pulled them off just before 5. In went the foil-wrapped turkey and brisket to heat.

                  Trying to portion the ribs didn't work well. I ended up breaking the backbone with my hands so the presentation was somewhat mangled. They would have looked a lot like lollipop lamb chops. I ended up cutting away the loin into one piece and slicing that. Best move, as it was moist, tender, and didn't taste like anything else I've ever had. Very delicate light taste I can't quite describe. It was a big hit.

                  It turned out to be my best brisket ever according to my son. It certainly was the nicest looking brisket I've ever cooked, thanks to the careful attention of Larry Levine's Kosher Meat and Deli of Peabody. If anybody's in the Boston/North Shore area I highly recommend them and Al Hoda Halal butcher in Cambridge.

                  At any rate, I ended up trimming the meat off the remaining rack and, after having some cold for Christmas snacks, will be using the rest in goat hash tomorrow night.

                  Would I cook goat again? Absolutely! I'd like to try a boneless leg with a simple olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper seasoning. Here's a pic of the leftover rack.



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