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Trying a fresh leg of lamb for the first time

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    Trying a fresh leg of lamb for the first time

    This is the first time I have really smoked anything. I was planning on doing a nice, easy pork butt for my first time, but the Taobao seller mysteriously quit responding when I asked to buy one. Oh well, I wanted to do ribs, but when I saw the price, I got sticker shock. The ribs also weren't trimmed properly, they were baby back + St. Louis + rib tips all together in one. So my third alternative is a leg of lamb. I went down to the halal butchery where the the every Xinjiang (Chinese Muslim) restaurant in the city gets their lamb, and got them to carve off a leg for me, straight off the carcass. $42 for 6.8lbs, or $6.16 a pound.

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    Hmm, looks like it was a boy lamb.

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    That silvery-white skin sure is hard to remove. I have to hack at it and discard rather a lot of meat with it. Is it supposed to be that way? It seems like for everyone else, it just pulls off easily.

    This piece of meat didn't look like the video I watched, so I trimmed off some unidentified piece. It separated cleanly so it's obviously another cut. Anyone know what it is? I guess I'll just throw it on with the rest of the leg tomorrow, as I don't really know what else to do with it. It's in the top of the photo below.

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    I will be using the leg of lamb recipe from this site as well as the lamb rub. I just got back from the States where I stocked up on exotic ingredients like whole mustard seed and paprika, so I can actually make the recipes here. I'm looking forward to it, there will be about 10 people over to eat. I am making French green beans (with pork lard instead of duck fat because I couldn't find any even in the States) and maybe Xinjiang flat bread.

    Well, it's in the fridge dry brining right now. Looking forward to tomorrow! If I screw it up then it's KFC for everyone. I'll be back to post the photos of the cook in this thread, so reply if you want to subscribe and be notified of what happens.
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    Nice post, thanks for sharing! Quite sure it'll turn out nicely since you've put a lot of work into this effort.


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      Ha-ha! I would rather have skill than effort. I've done plenty of work before only to produce inedible meat. We'll see what happens, though! I always try to follow the recipes on this site as closely as possible. I just need practice, and lots of it.


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