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Sausage I ordered from Kreuz Market -are they safe?

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    Sausage I ordered from Kreuz Market -are they safe?

    Hello -
    I ordered 25 ring sausages from Kreuz Market this week and chose "ground shipping". I live in Southern Calif, so I knew it would take about 3 days but there was nothing on their web site indicating I needed to do a faster shipping method (both 1 and 2 day options, but very expensive!). Anyway the sausages arrived Thursday about 6pm in a insulted container, however the dry ice had completely faded away. The sausage were vacuum-packed. I temped them an they were 70 degrees!
    I contacted Kreuz market and they said because they were vacuum packed they were perfectly fine. But if I had thrown them away, they would send me more (I put them in the refrigerator). Below is an email directly from Keith Schmidt, the family owner. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?
    "We ship around 500 pounds every week to a restaurant NY since 2007 and it takes 3 days also, and not one problem. But if you’re concerned, I will reship, but it will still take 3 days ground. Overnight and 2 Day would require an upcharge. If you heat them up and aren’t satisfied, let me know and we will figure something out."
    "If the vacuum seal is still on the product, it is still completely safe to eat since it is a fully cooked product, not raw or partially cooked. We will reship the sausage but it will take the same amount of time and arrive in the same condition as this week. If you want it faster, you can call in your credit card number and we will ship it as fast as overnight delivery. We ship to customers and restaurants every week this way with no trouble, so if you haven’t thrown out your first order, it is still good.

    Kreuz Market
    619 N. Colorado
    Lockhart, TX 78644

    I wouldn't, if they had frozen it first it would probably have been fine. Vacuum packed doesn't really mean anything.
    From USDA, read the third bullet on the left.


      WOW! This is new thing in my mind. I think needs one of the Amazing Ribs Experts!

      I'd be afraid on it. I mean I dont let my full cooked anything get to 70 degree BUT I have seen hard sausages sold in non refrigerated display.

      I'm very curious.
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      • Papa Bob
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        are you talking about cured sausages they will last for about forever

      The way I read the OP it sounds like the owner of the company intentionally ships them knowing they'll be at room temp by the time they get to the recipient, is comfortable this is a safe shipping method based on his knowledge of his product, and has done this for years with no problem. I think they're fine.


        David - That is my take on it. After all Keith Schmidt is well respected who's family has run both Smitty's and Kreuz Market in Lockhart TX for nearly 100 years. They are Texas BBQ royalty basically. I would think if anything he would err on the side of caution just for reputation alone. As I said, it was never indicated I had to choose a faster ship method to be safe. (On a side not, I once was going to order Cajun sausage from New Orleans, and I had to choose 1 or 2 shipping, no option for ground to Calif.). Thank you for all the Pit Member's thoughts!


          Thing is, if you feel even the least bit squirrely about a product shipped/received like this, can you ever truly enjoy eating it? Or will you wake up the next morning (after a meal with the suspect food) feeling like you've dodged a bullet? Food should be enjoyed, not feared, IMO, and Kreuz should be aware of that and err on the side of caution in his shipments.

          Just my two pennies' worth.

          I order some awesome bacon for myself and friends that has to be shipped. I only order in the very cold months of the year and make sure of the temp when receiving it. I don't want to make anyone sick by proxy.

          As they say, "when in doubt, throw it out".



            I agree with Kathryn. When I've ordered meat before it comes automatic 2-day shipping packed well with dry ice in a foam cooler shipping crate, and is still frozen when it arrives.... Obviously this method here is fine or he'd have gone under years ago....but I'd feel much better if 2 day max shipping was the standard. But I am not in this field to know any better, it is must my two cents like she said. Personal what I would do is only order 2 day shipping, even if it is more. One night of vomiting, whether it's his fault or not, and you'd wish you'd have sprung for it.


              Also keep I mind, these will be put on my smoker for a couple of hours or more.


                I would take to 165 internal and pig out!!!


                  Yes, but smoking or cooking to an internal temp of 165 won't always restore spoiled food. At least that's what I always thought.

                  Here's what the Washington State Department of Health says: Myth: If you let food sit out more than 2 hours, you can make it safe by reheating it really hot.

                  FACT: Some bacteria, such as staphylococcus (staph) and Bacillus cereus, produce toxins not destroyed by high cooking temperatures. Refrigerate perishable foods within 2 hours in a refrigerator temperature of 40 degrees or below.

                  The operative word is "perishable", perhaps. Sausage that is cured and sold at room temp may not actually be considered perishable.

                  Just FWIW.

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                    Well folks, all was well with the sausage! I put them on the smoker yesterday, along with some chicken. I had ordered 25 sausages and they did come vacuum packed in one large sealed bag. Monday night I divided them up for easier freezing.
                    I took them to about 185 on my smoker, perhaps a bit too long. They were very tasty but a bit dry - next time I will foil them after they get to 165 (but I wanted to take extra precaution). These are the same sausages that are served at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX, and basically the same as Smitty's Market down the street where we went. They are a coarse grind sausage, about 90/10 beef and pork, mainly seasoned with salt and pepper. I was considering both sausage from Kruez and Southside Market (located in Elgin, TX) and contacted Daniel Vaughn, blogger for the excellent Texas Month BBQ web site, for his opinion. High marks for both, but I liked the rustic quality of Kreuz.
                    Thanks to everyone for your opinions – I really like the Pitmasters Club! KEN

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                      I trust that they would not have shipped something that had to be severely nuked.

                      Great to hear.....

                      Thanks for the pic Ken!! Now I want to try some.



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