OH! My. Goodness! This man is a Screaming Genius! I love this! Roasted White Chocolate Panna Cotta! I know I go on and on about my White Chocolate Cherry Brioche. That is responsible for me having to buy an entire new wardrobe in the spring! it is my basic brioche recipe with another 1/3 cup sugar, 3 vanilla pods (You simply cannot have too much vanilla) and dried cherries. I knead the chips and cherries in after the first rise (extra sugar and vanilla can be held to that point, as well). then formed to rolls, proof and bake. the White chocolate chips that are close to the surface of the bread are browned, nutty and crunchy. and I LOVE them!

So, the genius, Johnny Iuzzi, has a recipe in his new book, Sugar Rush, that roasts White Chocolate, and then uses it to make Panna Cotta. Guess what I am making today?? And, yes, I'll post pics (probably tomorrow, though as it must set up.

WOW! I would do unnatural things for White chocolate. I might be willing to do violence for this stuff!

If I ever become to big to leave my house, make sure, when the firemen come to cut the wall out to release me, that they bring some of this with them!