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Grilling Boneless Skinless Chicken

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    I cook boneless skinless breasts from time to time, and as others have pointed out, the keys are to lower the heat for most of the cook, and to temp the meat, pulling when those breasts hit 160. Much higher and they are dried out. Sear at the beginning or end to get your wife some "grill marks" or color, then go low heat.


      Thanks for the nice variety of suggestions. Is 225 good for the grill temp? Or something a bit hotter, maybe going beween 250 and 300?

      I'd love to try Sous Vide, but I gotta wait to buy more equipment (just spent a lot on a new video card).


        Two methods to try. I sometimes cut my chicken breasts into strips than toss in a bowl with some olive oil and whatever rub I want to use. Let them "marinate" while the grill heats up. Cook over direct med heat until done. Comes out great ans there is more surface area for the rub. I think the oil helps keep it moist as well. Don't overcook because it will dry out.

        Second way is how I have to cook chicken for my 7 yo son who doesn't like any burned parts...lol. I cook his chicken wrapped in foil with butter and seasoning. Cook indirect at fairly high heat. Will steam in foil and stay moist. You could then sear quickly over high heart.


          Wrap them in Bacon and but them in a BBQ sauce Jacuzzi.

          Yesterday I made bacon wrapped chicken burnt ends. I think I finally found a good use for boneless skinless chicken breasts on the Weber. 6DB226FF-1EDB-4E5C-8D85-CF575D16F3C3.jpeg I first started by cubing up 3 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts 4DB9D561-4B40-4711-BC38-D3AD748B8CDE.jpeg I then wrapped up the



            I cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the grill for wife and daughters quite a bit. A dry brine for an hour really helps, but don't overdo it since they are probably injected with a brine also. I use lemon pepper to season. I cook indirect at about 275F and sear really quick at the end for some grill marks and "grill flavor". I slice them across the grain, as well.


              Originally posted by rstutzma View Post
              Thanks for the nice variety of suggestions. Is 225 good for the grill temp? Or something a bit hotter, maybe going beween 250 and 300? .
              For this, I'd go higher, 275 or so.

              What you're doing is a form of reverse searing and the point of that technique is to bring the meat close to your desired finish temp slowly, then use the sear to hit the temp.

              Why slowly? Because if you did this at, say, 425 you've pumped a lot of energy into the meat and it will migrate inward from the outside... causing more carryover. You can do that, but you'd want to pull at a lower temp to allow for the higher carryover and it's much easier to overshoot at high temps.

              At the same time, with chicken I would rather not do really low since things might grow before they die. 275 or so feels about right - high enough that things on the surface will die of high heat pretty fast, low enough that you minimize thermal carryover.

              Finally, have the conversation about how you serve it. If the point is to minimize fat that's cool - but then using a high fat finishing sauce kind of negates the point, so... . On the other hand, some people just don't like skin and that's cool too.

              PS: I also often slice up the chicken and sauté it, finishing in a variety of things from chutney to a deglaze with mustard and marsala, etc. But that's a non-grilling technique, so...

              PPS: don't forget about things like kabobs.
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                I grill boneless - skinless chicken breast a lot. I inject the with Tony Chachere's Creole Butter. Season lemon pepper and old bay. Like everyone else has said don't overcook. I pull them off whe my MK4 says 159


                  We like using Weber Peppercorn marinade for chicken breast (pork chops too). The oil helps it stay moist until it hits 155 when I pull them.



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