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I am looking for a more complex Sweet and Hot Wing Recipe to make with my vortex.

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    I am looking for a more complex Sweet and Hot Wing Recipe to make with my vortex.

    I was wondering if anyone had a really good wing recipe that I can rip with my vortex. As I'm sure many of you are as well, I am having some people over for the weekend and want to make a platter of wings for people to mow down on through out the day. Most of those coming like hot and sweet. I want to stay along the lines of sweet and hot but want something more complex in flavor and finish. I know someone in the pit has got to have something that will fit what I'm looking for. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for any advice in advance. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.


    Try this one....ingredients eye balled. Taste as you mix
    1/3 cup real maple syrup
    1/3 Cup Dijon mustard
    1 tablespoon cider vinegar
    a good dash of vietnamese fish sauce (or soy sauce. Worcestershire sauce will do in a pinch)
    Harissa or Sriracha sauce to taste (these two do bring a complex hot flavor) or your preferred hot sauce.

    Mix that mess and give the COOKED wings a bath and sear them.



      I found this over at StellaCulinary.com. There was a discussion about the ultimate chicken wings. A member that is an executive chef posted this recipe and said his customers love it. I saved it but haven't made it yet. It looks like it has real potential IMHO.

      Alright, I finally remembered to bring my recipe book home from work. So here you go;

      Alex's Bleu Cheese Dip

      275g Mayo
      200g Cream Cheese (softened)
      80g crumbled bleu cheese
      12g red wine vinegar
      2g salt
      1g fresh ground black pepper
      6g sugar
      2g celery seed
      18g red wine (I like port when I have it)
      50g buttermilk

      Combine either in stand mixer with paddle attachment, or with electric handheld egg beater. It's important that your cream cheese be softened, or it can be really difficult to fully incorporate it.

      Bonus recipe;

      Alex's Buffalo Sauce

      400g Franks Red Hot, Crystal, or Louisiana hot sauce.
      350g Tempered unsalted butter
      6g garlic powder
      12g onion powder
      2g cumin
      8g Chili Powder
      2g Black Pepper
      10g Worcestershire
      15g Mustard (yellow or dijon both work)
      15g honey
      30g white vinegar
      2g liquid smoke
      2g Aji-no-Moto

      Combine all ingredients except butter in saucepan on stove, bring up to just below a simmer, and vigorously whisk in pads of butter little by little until gone. Don't get the sauce too hot, or it'll break.

      Both of these recipes are a bit on the large size, as I'm usually feeding 10-12 people. So scale accordingly. Or don't, both of these have really good shelf life.


        My friends and I love a simple mix of Sriracha and honey for sauce. You can add more or less honey depending on how hot you want them to be. I know you said complex, but sometimes the simple ones are too good to pass up.


          JTK I love that combo as well with a dash of vietnamese fish sauce.


            fish sauce and Sriracha adds a lot of complexity!


              Sounds great guys!! Thanks. What do you think about substituting the honey with agave nectar? Or is that more of a replacement for maple syrup and not honey? smarkley Ernest JTK


                I've never used Agave.


                  I have never used Agave either... might be worth a shot, ya never know.



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