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Smoked Chicken Halves on a WSM - apologies to those who know better

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    Smoked Chicken Halves on a WSM - apologies to those who know better

    Okay, I went to the Virtual Weber Bullet web site for hints. Great basic recipe, which I apparently misunderstood entirely. It took several hours, instead of 1 or 2 because I left the empty water thingy in, instead of basically using smoke and grilling. Next time I'll be more careful, but it still turned out well, even if the skin was rubbery.

    Imagine your basic southwest rub - cumine, etc. - and some smoke. It still was mighty fine.pix later.

    Glad they come out all tasty, nice job, Brother! If I had a dollar fer every cook that fell short, in my eyes, why, we'd all be partyin on my own Private Island, I'd haveta reckon.

    (I keeps me a Cat o' Nine Tails handy, an soakin in salt, an Betadyne, fer my self-perceived transgressions, an I tend to use it mercilessly, even when everybody else think th food is Fantastic!)

    There's some mighty good stuff fer WSM owners, over to th VWB site; been a member for long many years!

    Also many great vidyas by T Roy Cooks, BabyBack Maniac, Harry Soo, etc.; lotsa various tips, tricks, methods to be learned, taken into consideration, as well as some Grand WSM Masters, right here...learn, try, experiment, incorporate, discard as ya see fit.

    I'm currently down to 2 18'5"s; not long ago, sold one to a coworker who was smokerless...

    Lookin forward to yer pics, etc.

    Be safe, an well, Keep Calm, an Smoke On!
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      I use VWB often, it's a great site, esp. matched with this one.


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