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Butterball a Turkey?

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    Butterball a Turkey?

    I need to start amping up my turkey game. When you inject with butter do you clarify it? Can you inject with margarine?

    I did read the snippet on it over at the main site. Is it just that simple?


    Any knowledge greatly appreciated.
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    I have had great luck with Store bought butter seasonings. I think Tony Chacher's makes one. I don't think the clarified stuff would hurt.

    Love injecting turkey, when I don't have a hyper-allergenic person to feed it to.


      Im sure that could get under your skin.


      I use regular butter. Non clarified.


        On a completely different note Jon you've given me an eye-opening idea. A large pad of butter on my turkey burgers, right before the provolone goes on. Why didn't I think of that sooner....


          I inject with a stick I melted in the microwave. All of my rub mixed with oil goes under the skin, then a thin layer of butter on the outside. Between the oil inside and butter outside it crisps up quite a bit.


            Plain (microwave-melted) butter for me too. Nothing fancy. Works wonders. Just make sure you use REAL butter.


              Anyone ever inject olive oil?


                Oil on the skin is in contact with high heat so it can make it crispy, inside the breast just gets warmed, so I imagine it would be like eating warm oil which doesn't sound very good. Never have tried though.


                  I use olive oil in a lot of recipes instead of butter. Try a spoonful of each and tell me which on taste better by itself.


                  Going to do half each this weekend. This just in from Amazon:

                  Click image for larger version

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                  • _John_
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                    Nice, and I am one of the weirdo's who would happily eat a stick of butter, 2 if you melt them first.

                  • Jon Solberg
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                    lol lol lol I have a vision of butter on a stick like a popsicle

                  Todays test:

                  1-8lbs turkey spatchcocked

                  1 half injected with 2oz EVOO
                  1 half injected with +- 2oz melted butter.

                  Cooked on a kettle, Kingsford fuse, no water, 325°-345° till done.

                  The EVOO side was much more moisture that the butter. Had a almost wet feel. No oil taste. Not great mouth feel.

                  Butter side was moist and just a hint of butter taste that would perhaps be undetected if you didn't know it was used. Much better mouth feel but still no eureka moment.

                  I need to do some additional testing. I dont think my controls were all that solid. This was a good trial to check out the injector and how to actually do the injecting. My first thought is its a pain that didn't give much ROI but I'll chalk that up to my lack of knowledge.

                  I have 3 more small birds in the freezer to play with so I'll try again next month. Mean time I can study up a bit.


                    Jon Solberg next time mix a little rub in the butter.



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