Cleaning my wagon is more fulfilling now that I’m using the time doing it cooking as well. I deep clean every Saturday morning from top to bottom that takes me up to 8 hours, so plenty time to do what I love doing… Smoking. While the cook chamber warmed up I spatchcocked 4 whole birds and seasond with a fantastic shop bought BBQ Spice I recently discovered mixed with a chili spice I usually use to sprinkle on chips (fries). Mesquite wood chips for smoke that is for now my firm preference. The XR50 was in action, that is still a novelty to me that won’t be wearing off anytime soon. Isn’t it lekker having a new toy that you have never had before to play with? Put the chicken in at 10:10 am and was done by 11:05 just short of an hour. Cooking chamber was 125C at the start and when I pulled was at 150C. Started the clean at 6am and was done at 2pm so I have plenty time to do bigger cooks. I clean the cooker every 2nd weekend so I’ll just have to let the smoker’s smell do the satisfying on those days.

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