Every time I see a new post with a cooker that I don't have I want to go out and buy one ... and She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) has forbidden more grills in the house (I only have three, what's her problem anyway). sigh.

So I decided to try cooking a vertical chicken in my WSM without the water pan - I figure the shapes of the WSM and PBC are close so why wouldn't it work?

I ordered some stainless steel hooks from Amazon and went to town ...

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ID:	215543 I used two hooks because I'm paranoid ... I also popped the thigh bones because I seem to have issues getting the chicken cooked all the way through - I actually got this idea from the NYT cooking section. I cut the skin on the inside of the thighs and bent the leg back until the bone came out of the socket. The final product looks a little unorthodox but the breast and thighs are always done about the same time when I do this.

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I used pecan wood as my smoke wood but was shooting for temps of 325-350. I just used a simple salt and pepper rub.
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ID:	215545 90 minutes later with an internal temp of 160 ...
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Dinner was great and MCS staved off for another day ...