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My result with Cornell chicken

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    My result with Cornell chicken

    I didn't read the directions carefully enough and neglected to form the emulsion before adding the ingredients to the marinade. I'm not sure if this changed the entire thing or not, but I'd try again for sure.

    We used bone in chicken breasts with ribs. I fork stuck them pretty good to ensure marinade absorption, tossed them in a zip loc and let them do their thing for almost 24 hours. I did flip them a few times and really made sure they were submerged in the marinade.

    I did reserve about 2 cups of maranade for basting and kept it separate from the chicken in a glass container and it did separate a bit, but after a quick shake it looked really mixed up. My fridge is really cold, but my wife is a bit paranoid about salmonella so it was easier for me to do it this way.

    We basted every 7 minutes and I waited to flip the chicken skin side down until the internal temp read 150F These were thick ones so it did take about 45 or so minutes as I recall.

    My only notes thus far for this recipe were that the skin was crisp, but the chicken didn't have any intense flavor that I could detect from the marinade. You can see in the picture some leftover BBQ sauce that I made and we ended up using it to eat with this chicken as we all thought it could use a touch more flavor.

    I'll make it again and see what I think.

    Prochu, big pics next time. Check this post out. Keep 'em coming!


      I've done Cornell Chicken once, i wasn't impressed


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          I've never done this recipe, but I've marinated chicken many times and never had the flavor of a good brine, rib rub and some good apple smoke. A marinade just doesn't pack the wallop of the physical particles of a good rub.


          • Ernest
            Ernest commented
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            Then you haven't had chicken with 3 heads of garlic!!
            about 20 cloves garlic, peeled
            about 1/4 cup red wine vinegar
            about 2/3 cup olive oil
            about a tablespoon of Herbs De Provence or Italian mixed herbs
            about a teaspoon red pepper flakes

            Blend that mess, make cuts in about 8 chicken thighs or whatever pieces you like, pour the mess over the chicken. Massage it in and Marinate for at least 4 hours.

            Roast using your favorite method.

          • prochu
            prochu commented
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            Any of the Asian marinades my wife puts together seems to really add a ton of flavor

          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
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            I would consider that more of a paste than a marinade, but no I haven't' tried it. It does sound like it would be tasty. You just cannot go wrong with garlic.


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