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Chuckie V chuck eye, experiment 2

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  • patcrail
    commented on 's reply
    Mojo0209 lol, that’s just what’s been on sale lately! I walked in yesterday to see what the new sale was & thought “Man, chuckies again?”.:. But I’m fascinated by trying to figure out how to find those beautiful medium rare chuck eyes for $3.99... and If I’m wrong, I get a low & slow cook out of the deal, lol 😎

  • Mojo0209
    U r one crazy chuckie lover! That’s awesome. Been doing a lot chuck roasts myself lately. Great to see ur experiments!

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  • patcrail
    started a topic Chuckie V chuck eye, experiment 2

    Chuckie V chuck eye, experiment 2

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	2299DC69-599A-4727-A2E7-25EA72805BC1.jpeg
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ID:	881288 So awhile back, I posted a cook where I confirmed that SOME of the chuck roasts from my Kroger were actually chuck EYE roast (since confirmed by the Mgr). They came out amazingly tender at 130.
    Chuck is on sale again, but I didn’t see any with that amazing marbling, & the few that I found that looked like the eye had a significant portion (1/3rd??) that was obviously chuck shoulder. But the price was right, and after thinking about it, I decided to test this even further and separate the two sections of these “half & half” chuck roasts to see if I’ve really figured out how to tell the eye from the shoulder... pics below, but what I did was trim the part I believe to be the eye apart from the rest.
    So now I have two of what I BELIEVE TO BE 2-3” thick chuck eyes, and a couple of very nice thick chuck slices, ala country-style ribs.
    I’m going to do the “fake country rib” pieces (the outer 1/3rd I trimmed off) tomorrow with beef back ribs, low & slow...
    I plan to cook (what I HOPE) are the remaining eyes to medium rare on Friday or Saturday... it’s obvious when they get probe tender, so I’ll start early, and if they are ready at 130 or so, we’ll have a badass lunch, and if I’m wrong & they need the full 203, then we’ll have some badass pulled chuck for dinner!
    My favorite quote: “There’s only one way to find out!” 😎


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