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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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Smoked Costco Prime Chuck With Hank’s Rub

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  • Charley Langer
    Club Member
    • Oct 2019
    • 142

    Smoked Costco Prime Chuck With Hank’s Rub

    I’m making Meathead’s Chili tomorrow. I picked up some Costco Chuck Roast during the coronavirus mayhem. I was nearly to the self checkout when I realized it was Prime. Usually I just get Choice for chili. It was still darn cheap at about $5/pound, so I didn’t care.

    I got home. Dry brined it for a couple hours to get ready to smoke. I thought, “Hmmm... I just picked up some of Hank’s Beef Rub. I don’t see any ingredient that would clash with the chili... let’s just see...”

    I rubbed it. I smoked it to 135. I usually smoke to at least 130 when I’m making chili so I can snack while I work. I started cubing it for chili. I took a bite...

    OMG!!! The juices were running all over the place. It was tender. It was delicious. Hank’s rub was frickin’ amazing. It was gourmet! Is medium-rare smoked prime chuck roast a thing??

    Some of ya’ll do it like brisket. Some of ya’ll pull it. But medium rare?? $5/pound? WOW! Click image for larger version  Name:	3DDD12E4-D721-4168-BE72-86A1029203BE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.98 MB ID:	815241
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  • treesmacker
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    • May 2018
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    Certainly looks like a thing! I'm a bit surprised that it was tender - how long did it cook and at what temp?


    • Charley Langer
      Charley Langer commented
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      treesmacker, I smoked it at 225 until internal hit around 135. I was shocked!!

      Usually, I get choice for chili. Usually, I don’t use a rub for chili.

      After looking at the meat when I got home, intuition told me this might actually be good on its own with a rub, not taken up to the higher internal temps typically necessary to break it down like a pot roast... I dunno 🤷‍♂️

      Am I crazy? It didn’t taste like a tri tip, but it had that kinda “feel.” I wanna go back and grab about 10 more. 😂
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  • Henrik
    Founding Member - Moderator Emeritus
    • Jul 2014
    • 4548
    • Stockholm, Sweden

    Nice one 👊🔥! I’m really glad to hear you like the rub. It is made for cuts like these.

    as for the medium rare? It works well with the right type of beef chuck. In Sweden we can buy what’s know as ‘heart of beef chuck’ (a single muscle) which is just perfect for the type of cook you did.

    I assume you got a real top quality chuck based on your results. Way to go, man!


    • fzxdoc
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      • Jul 2014
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      Henrik , I wish your Hank's rubs came in larger jars or was sold in bulk bags. I go through those small jars pretty quickly. Every one I've used has been delicious. Which is why I'm placing another order.



      • Henrik
        Henrik commented
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        Thanks Kathryn! I like the idea of bulk bags, let me see what I can do.

      • leol2
        leol2 commented
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        Let me know when you get it in bulk bags and how to order.

      • jfmorris
        jfmorris commented
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        Henrik I will second this request for larger containers or bags. I rarely bother buying rubs or spices that are in small containers, as the 8 ounce bottle are only good for a cook or two the way I go through it. I'll make an exception to try a new rub, but then go for the larger bottles.
    • HouseHomey
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      • May 2016
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        Erik S.

      That roast looks amazing!! A fine rub choice too! I’m loving that cook.


      • Troutman
        Club Member
        • Aug 2017
        • 8125
        • 1521




          SOUS VIDE


        As mentioned you really have to have the right cut of chuck to cook it medium rare. There’s a lot of connective tissue in that working muscle that if not rendered during a long cook can yield rubber bands.

        As to cooking chuck medium rare, we do it all the time, it’s our preferred way. We always use the QVQ method for ours to ensure proper rendering is achieved regardless of the cut. 22 hours at 130* is my sweet spot with lots of oak wood smoke in combination.

        One final warning on cooking below 140* IT for Costco cuts of beef, they blade tenderize. You risk not killing potential bacteria that may have been injected into their meat. Read their labeling and be cautious!!


        • Troutman
          Troutman commented
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          Charley Langer I’m on my phone so it’s difficult to look up but there are a number of sous vide que recipes in the Beef Channel. I pre-smoke (although not mandatory) for 2 hours, sous vide for 22 hours at 130*, chill then re-smoke back into the low 130s. Safety and rendering come not with temp but over time.
          Last edited by Troutman; March 15, 2020, 05:47 PM.

        • Troutman
          Troutman commented
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          As to the blade tenderizing comments I’ve literally gone two both the Costco’s I frequent and virtually all the beef cuts I normally buy have the blade tenderizing label, even the large primal cuts. Having said that I’ve cooked lots of those cuts medium rare with no ill effect. But, I’ve also begun to cut way back since I’m fortunate to have a lot of other alternatives. Just be safe !!

        • Charley Langer
          Charley Langer commented
          Editing a comment
          Troutman, sounds slightly extreme, but I get it. And, with chuck roast, I think that should not affect the texture negatively, so I don’t really have anything to lose other than some concern and a bit of time. I’ll take your advice. THANK YOU for speaking up. SUPER APPRECIATED!!
      • Donw
        Club Member
        • Jul 2017
        • 3756

        Great looking cook. I’m really a big fan of Henrik ‘s Hank’s rubs too.


        • Ahumadora
          Club Member
          • Oct 2015
          • 2193
          • Warkworth, New Zealand

          I have 2 bottles of hanks rub with me in Mexico now. Waiting to get get home to test it out.


          • Henrik
            Henrik commented
            Editing a comment
            Cool! I don't think my rubs have been that far away from home :-)



        2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

        This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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