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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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2020 Birthday Cook — USDA Prime NY Strip

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  • scottranda
    Charter Member
    • May 2015
    • 1862
    • Charlotte, NC

    2020 Birthday Cook — USDA Prime NY Strip

    Every year, I buy a hunk ‘o meat from Costco. I like to butcher my own meat and cook it! My wife prefers to go out to eat, so that’s what we do for her.

    Here’s my NY Strip hunk that I cut up. USDA Prime. Great marbling, just maybe a little skinny to what I prefer.

    It rained here on my birthday and the next day, so I had to pan sear them (normally I like to hover them over a charcoal chimney). On my birthday, the kids were loud and clamoring for attention, and I forgot to cold shock them. That left me a little over-done steak, but plenty delicious. I topped it with a ginormous shrimp (biggest I’ve ever seen) for my wife, and for me, I prefer scallops. Beef love, of course, which REALLY enhances flavor for the steak and the seafood.

    The second day, I remembered to cold shock it, and I put some Holy Cow rub on there, which was REALLY good. It sure helps to have full concentration when crunch time hits (but I sure love my kids clamoring for my attention)!!
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  • TripleB
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    • May 2017
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    • La Crescenta
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      Weber "Brownie" Circa 1978 22"
      Weber Gas Grill, Silver A
      BBQ Guru ATC
      Favorite Beer: Peroni
      Favorite Sports Teams: Rams, Dodgers, Kings, UCLA Bruins

    I never get tired looking at grilled (or pan fried) steak. Always gets my mouth watering. The steaks look great. Yum.


    • Nate
      Banned Former Member
      • Apr 2015
      • 3794
      • Quarantined

      Looks good! Happy belated birthday.


      • Sweaty Paul
        Founding Member
        • Aug 2014
        • 1624
        • Hays, KS
        • Green Mountain Grill - Jim Bowie
          (I've never regretted having too much grate space).

          Weber Genesis Gas grill
          Weber Kettle grills x 2

        Looks delicious! Happy birthday!


        • DavidNorcross
          Club Member
          • Nov 2017
          • 2288
          • Virginia
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            Weber Summit S-670
            Camp Chef FTG 600
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            Old Hickory Knives
            More Cast Iron than I care to admit

          Looks great!


          • Steve B
            Club Member
            • Jun 2016
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            • Rockland county New York
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              Napoleon gas grill (soon to go bye bye) rotting out.

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              1 maverick et-733 - gray
              1 new standard grilling remote digital thermometer
              1 thermoworks thermopen mk4 - red
              1 thermoworks thermopop - red

              Pre Miala flavor injector
              taylor digital scale
              TSM meat grinder
              chefs choice food slicer
              cuisinhart food processor
              food saver vacuum sealer
              TSM harvest food dehydrator

            Great cook. And I just started getting into some of Meat Churches rubs. So far I like them
            OH. BTW. Happy birthday brother. 👊👊


            • barelfly
              Club Member
              • Dec 2017
              • 1442
              • New Mexico
              • Smokin-It 3D
                Weber Kettle with an SNS
                Masterbuilt kettle that I call the $30 wonder grill
                Bullet by Bull Grills gasser
                Anova WiFi sous vide machine
                Thermoworks Thermapen and Chef Alarm


              And the strip is my next dry age cut, along with a brisket, THATS LOOKS GREAT. hope you enjoyed it!


              • HawkerXP
                Club Member
                • Jul 2016
                • 6387
                • Virginia
                • 2 Weber Performers, 1 kettle, 1 Smoky Joe and a PBC
                  Dot and Chef Alarm with probes
                  Slo n Sear
                  Cold beer

                Happy Birthday! Nice lookin cook Dad!


                • jfmorris
                  Club Member
                  • Nov 2017
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                  • Huntsville, Alabama
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                    • Whatever I brewed and have on tap!

                  Great looking steaks! That’s my favorite cut, and I buy a couple of full strip loins each year just to cut into steaks. Once I smoked half of one like prime rib, for a holiday meal with the family, and it was really good that way too.


                  • Bobmcgahan
                    Club Member
                    • Jul 2018
                    • 81

                    Did you sous vide these? I’m not understanding the need to “cold shock” unless you were SV’ing them. They look great, btw.


                    • scottranda
                      scottranda commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Yep. SV at 137. Should’ve cold shocked them before I seared hahaha.
                  • Spinaker
                    • Nov 2014
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                      R&V Works FF2-R-ST 4-Gallon Fryer

                      Weber Spirit Gasser
                      FireBoard (Base Package)
                      Thermoworks ThermaPen (Red)
                      Thermoworks MK4 (Orange)

                      Big Green Egg Plate Setter
                      Benzomatic TS4000 Torch X 2
                      Benzomatic TS800 High Temp Torch X 2

                      Bayou Classic 44 qt Stainless Stock Pot
                      Bayou Classic 35K BTU Burner

                      Digi Q DX2 (Medium Pit Viper Fan)
                      Dragon VT 2-23 C Torch
                      Eggspander Kit X2
                      Field Skillet No. 8,10,12

                      Finex Cat Iron Line
                      FireBoard Drive
                      Lots and Lots of Griswold Cast Iron
                      Grill Grates
                      Joule Water Circulator
                      KBQ Fire Grate

                      Kick Ash Basket (KAB) X4
                      Lots of Lodge Cast Iron
                      Husky 6 Drawer BBQ Equipment Cabinet
                      Large Vortex
                      Marlin 1894 .44 Magnum
                      Marquette Castings No. 13 (First Run)
                      Smithey No. 12
                      Smokeware Chimney Cap X 3
                      Stargazer No.10, 12
                      Tool Wizard BBQ Tongs
                      Univex Duro 10" Meat Slicer
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                      Kingsford Blue and White
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                      Apple, Cherry & Oak Log splits for the C-60

                      Buck 119 Special
                      Cuda 7' Fillet Knife

                      Dexter 12" Brisket Sword
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                      Lone Star Grillz 24 X 48 Offset

                    Great way to spend a birthday! Happy B-day!


                    • surfdog
                      Club Member
                      • Mar 2016
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                      • Sunny SoCal
                      • Cooking gadgets
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                        Weber Summit Platinum D6
                        Blue Rhino Razor
                        Dyna-Glo XL Premium Dual Chamber
                        Camp Chef Somerset IV along with their Artisan Pizza Oven 90
                        Anova WiFi

                        Thermapen Mk4 - ThermaQ High Temp Kit - ThermaQ Meathead Kit - ThermaQ WiFi - ThermoWorks IR-GUN-S - ThermoWorks Signals & Billows - ThermoPop -ThermoWorks ProNeedle - ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio x2 - and a Christopher Kimball timer - NO, I do not work for ThermoWorks...I just like their products.

                        Other useful bits...
                        KitchenAid 7-qt Pro Line stand mixer
                        A Black & Decker food processor that I can't seem to murder
                        A couple of immersion blenders, one a "consumer" model & the other a "high end" Italian thing. Yes, the Italian one is a bit better, but only marginally
                        Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 8-qt + accessories like egg-bite & egg holders
                        All-Clad pots & pans, along with some cast iron...everything from 7" Skookie pans to 8.5qt Dutch ovens
                        Weber GBS griddle, pizza stone, and wok
                        Knives range from Mercer to F. Dick to "You spent how much for one knife? One knife?!" LOL

                      Now that’s a proper way to celebrate a birthday. Especially your own.


                      • RamaJama
                        Club Member
                        • Jan 2019
                        • 99
                        • Prattville, Al

                        Looks great. Happy birthday. Can’t beat that price either. I also like that the whole loin lets you cut steaks that aren’t blade tenderized like Costco’s cut steaks.


                        • glitchy
                          glitchy commented
                          Editing a comment
                          I agree, I can’t believe they still do that...especially to Prime steaks.

                        • Craigar
                          Craigar commented
                          Editing a comment
                          The last time I was in Costco I talked to one of the butchers and he told me they don't blade tenderize prime cuts, BUT, since they can't guarantee someone didn't mess up and send some prime cuts through the tenderizer, they have to label them as tenderized. I told him that's a shame, because I'm not going to cook a prime steak to 165.



                      2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                      We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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