I just cooked a 7.5 lb mostly flat brisket fat cap down in a pellet grill. I injected it with about 2 cups of Malcom Reed's brisket injection recipe and dry brined (as much as it would after injecting) the night before. I coated it with BBBR. I cooked at 225, but my grill runs hot in the center so it was more like 255 - 260. I know lots of people cook a brisket at 275 so I don't think this is the problem.

It was stalling around 160 and I was getting worried about dinner time so I wrapped it, put a cup of beef broth in the wrap, and started checking it at 190. It was ok at 205, not butter ok, but ok so I pulled it and let it rest for an hour.

The brisket had a nice smoke ring, was soft enough to cut with the side of a fork, tasted great, but there was no liquid left in the meat.

Because it wasn't tough I'm thinking that it was overcooked vs undercooked.

I don't know why. The only think I can think of to do differently is start checking it at 180 and wait to inject and salt until I'm ready to put it on the grill.

Even if I had a sub-optimal probe placement, wouldn't at least some of the meat still have been moist?