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First brisket cook.

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    First brisket cook.

    Hey all, first brisket and it went swimmingly! Started it at 3am, had it on til 5pm and then rested in chilly (warm) bin for 2 hours. Didn't inject as the timing didn't work out. Definitely feel that it would of been better with the broth injections. Also need a leave in temp probe as it got up to 207 by accident! Still ended up delicious. Look forward to next time.

    Served it with corn bread done in a cast iron pot, turned out so much better than my last one. Hand cut slaw. Nice simple corn done with fresh tarragon from my garden and butter/salt. Also did the hoisin ribs in the oven for 4 hours at 225, finished off with the honey glaze over the coals. Those Hoisinful ribs are the best, wow.

    Friggen love this website!!!

    Click image for larger version

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    What a spread, right?

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    Looks GREAT!


      No words. Just this....

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks for that David

        This is actually my first time ever eating and seeing a BBQ brisket. We only have 1 place in New Zealand that does brisket like this and I haven't even eaten there yet! I am in love with BBQ brisket though! Holy wow.... So good. I can imagine I can do it way better as well if I inject it. Can really see the benefit in that.

        I loved the flat chopped up with some fat in it on the bread rolls and the texas mop sauce. Going to make a Shepards/Cottage Pie tonight with some of the drier flat bits. Will do a hash the next night. Such an economical way to buy and cook great cheap meat. Really want to try a corned beef and pastrami now.



          Nice. You're going to love the pastrami.


            Wow man, Home run!!!!!!!!!!


            • Craigen Perrie
              Craigen Perrie commented
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              Thanks man. Appreciate it coming from the Master. Thanks for your help along the way. I did your technique of barking then foiling. I like the idea of that better.

            • Jerod Broussard
              Jerod Broussard commented
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              Yeh, and that bark really bounces back once it steams off a little when you remove the foil.

            • Guy
              Guy commented
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              Wow more like a Grand Slam.

            Looks like a home run, need to try those ribs.


              Now that's what I call an amazing cook! I get hungry just looking at those photos. Congrats!




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