Working on only my second pastrami. Just finished corning my brisket flat. I'm "rinsing" overnight in water and will apply the rub then let it sit for two days with a plan on cooking Friday. So far so good.

The last time I did this I didn't smoke it all the way to 203 but rather stopped stored and then steamed it before serving. I'm NOT going to do that this time. Didn't care for that rigmarole. I'm going to smoke it the whole way.

My main question is this: Can you faux Cambro pastrami? Seems like that should be not only doable but good for the texture. Thoughts?

Also, anyone have an estimate on the cook time? Planning to cook it at 275 on my Primo. It's a little under 4lbs and about 2 inches thick in the biggest part. It's been a while since I cooked just a flat, I'll have to see if I can find some notes. Your input will be greatly appreciated.