Hey gang. I tried my hand at beef back ribs last weekend and they came out DELICIOUS, but definitely too tough. Any suggestions on what I can do to get them tender? I've got a feeling that, once I get these right, beef ribs will be a favorite of mine.

I kind of treated them like I would a ribeye: Dry-brined them for about 24 hours, exposed in the fridge (actually for a nice thick ribeye that would be more like 48-72 hours), pulled them out of the fridge, sprinked some seasoning on there and immediately smoked them on my stick burner at 225, with a couple 5-10 minute dips down to 210 (log was too big) for about 3.5 hours until they got to 203 degrees. Smelled fantastic; tasted better; too tough. Now, I didn't try to take the membrane off the bone-side because I've heard mixed reviews about whether one should, could that have been the problem somehow?

p.s. I want to try short ribs next time, should they be treated different?

Not a great pic, I know. I was too anxious to dig in because they smelled so good

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