My biggest brisket effort ever.
If I get this right, it will be a trifecta of my favorite brisket flavors.
Homemade cured and smoked Pastrami using the recipes found on Amazing Ribs.
Awesome Corned Beef, and Copycat Katz’s Deli Pastrami Rub.

The burnt ends, and beef bacon will be cut from the point after smoking and cooked again, my way. 😋
I want to do all 3 cooks and present on the same day to showcase a briskets versatility.
I needed a large point and thick flat and found just what I need after pawing through a bunch at a local farm-to-market. 16# packer.
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Trimmed the fat to 1/8” or less on the whole brisket.
I decided to cut a 4# square from the flat to cure for the pastrami.
I left the some of the flat on the point so it would cook slow, but trimmed down to bare limits.

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I re-wrapped the Point very tightly, no air! and put it back in the fridge.
The point will chill very cold, but not frozen, for 7 days while the flat cures.
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Flat is soaking, and I’ll be back next week for the cooks.

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Here is the finished cure. Water is red, but clear. Very light meat smell. All good. Note that I threw in some crushed red peppercorns with the brine. Why? They were there.

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After dumping the brine and rinsing the meat, I added fresh water and some ice to cool it quickly. Back in the fridge for an 8 hour soak. Then I will season.

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Back in 8 Hours or so. 😎

Did this yesterday. Just catching up. Rub is applied. I did not use whole cracked pepper or coriander b/c those pieces get wedged in my teeth. I used double the powder. Now that I think about it; I Hope that using all powder is not overpowering. I am going to cook on Monday, so 1.5 days, even though the recipe calls for 2 days at least. Maybe that will work itself out.

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Although this pastrami flat looks and smells wonderful, I keep looking at that Point. Hmmmmmm... Monday will be epic. 😎